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Thread: Summoner Strategy: Monster Skipping

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    Default Summoner Strategy: Monster Skipping

    In the end game, players must kill monsters first before targeting the summoner with an attack in the same space. If you have a high skill rating or a good escape ability (the knight's), an effective and annoying strategy is to summon two spaces away, and then run to the monster like he's an old friend being met at an airport. You don't have to fight him since you didn't start the turn on the same tile, and with enough skill, running next turn is easy enough since you can only be affected by one sabotage. All your opponents can do is hope for bad rolls and, if they planned ahead being aware of this strategy, put themselves two spaces in front of you.

    But that's where Paelalelllale shines. Do that and she will just move a space back and laughs.

    If anyone else tries this, particularly with the elf, I'd be interested to know what counter strategies your friends come up with. When I did it, my opponents could not come up with anything, though granted it was a three player game. In a six player game (the best kind) they could possibly kill the monster and attack you after with good coordination and planning.

    The fact that the summoner always goes first is what really makes this so tough. There is no way to ever attack the summoner without first going through a monster, and that offers a major action point advantage to the summoner.

    I have only done this once, so I don't know if this is the ultimate Stabbins/Paellallellll strategy, but theoretically I haven't come up with a reliable way to stop it. I also don't know that it is a problem, as I have trouble getting the stone with those two and feel they deserve to have a strong escape strategy, whereas someone like the Tundra Orc better have to fight his way out.
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    I don't think you can do anything about it. Once Stabbins has the stone, it's game over.

    This strategy is very easy to figure out, it must of gone through play testing, I guess the designers thought it would be OK, but it's not...
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