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Thread: Some love for the old grandpa prayer ? and maybe prayer in general.

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    Default Some love for the old grandpa prayer ? and maybe prayer in general.


    I don't know where is the best place to create that kind of post, I love that game and played it a lot on the last few months and this is a conclusion of a lot of games.

    I find that all characters are quite balanced (I said quite cause some characters seems a little better, will see that after) except the prayers, especially Addolgar Vayne. Let me explain why

    The combo of low Skill rating and low Brawn/Magic rating just doesn't work. In a game, the fact is that you pratically miss all the traps and there are very few monster you can beat without help. As you can't escape easily, when you fall on a creature you cannot beat, you have a lot of difficulties to escape which result to some free attack in your face, letting you outside of the game. Loosing precious actions and letting the others discover all the tiles.

    I understand that this character is made to take a lot of damage and to heal quickly, but in fact, there are really few occasions to rally, and when you fight against a "normal" monster (normal mean not specially the reaper or dangerous monster like that, but not an easy giant rat too) you generally take more damage that the 2 you can rally when you defeat it.

    So, that hero have a lot of excellent abilities, I think about Honorable retreat that remove the 1 skill escaping problem, Transormation that make you hit harder when you are damaged or the excellent Duelist ability that make you force another hero to reroll some of their attack dice. but in fact, this is so hard to get 2 encounter card with that character than you rarely have the opportunity to level UP in the game. Maybe one time when the others characters leveled up 2 or 3 times.

    As it begin to be good thanks to his abilities, the game is quite broken for him. in addition, if you play against the orc that have the (overpowered) disable all ability cards or the vessel that can steal you an ability, you will look the other players doing the game while you are probably stuck on a 5+ escape monster or something like that.

    And I didn't talk about the treasures that are better for warrior and magic than for prayers, making them a little more out of the competition.

    To resume, it's not impossible to win a game with Vayne, I already won some of them, but you need extreme luck to succeed (easy monster at the begining, no traps, etc..) whereas the others heroes are not so luck dependant like that, especially the orc or stabbin that make quite good game each time there are picked up.

    So, IMHO, all characters are quite balanced because they respect a certain base rule that is : "If you hit hard, you have low escape, if you don't hit hard, you have good escape". The prayers are the only one that are low in both.

    Thats is, nos I will try to anticipate some answers :

    - You talk about the low brawn/magic rating for vayne, but the stabbin have the same and you say he is one of the best character. WTF ?
    The fact is that the stabbin can change one of his dice in fight, according to all people that played this game, it's as good as rolling 2 extra dice, sometime this is even better wen you fight against monster that can be onli hit with a roll of 6. In addition, if the things goes bad, he can escape easily. And you have 2 abilities that allow to steal some treasure, so even if you have no luck and that you don't collect encounter cards, you can be better by stealing some treasures. To resume you have a lot of possibilities in the game with the stabbin which make it particulary strong.

    - You didn't talk about the force assist ability that is really good.
    Yes, this is a quite good ability, but don't forget that the others heroes choose if they want to assist you with their brawn or magic, so finally, they give you just one dice and you allow them to rally... Not that good IMHO.

    - You don't hit hard, you don't have skill, but you have lot of life
    True, but what about the orc, that hit harder, escape better and have excellent abilities too... He is better in all points, especially when he have his ability that disable all the other ones.

    - You forgot to mention that he is balanced between brawn and magic which can be useful
    It could, if the deck would have more monsters immune to brawn or magic but there are really few and, on 20 games with vayne, I found that useful maybe one time only.

    So I don't complain like that without making a proposal to make our grandpa more challenging.

    I think boosting his skill to 2 instead of 1 would change a lot of things :
    - He have a (little) chance to disarm some traps instead of taking them all on his face
    - He could roll 6 dice level 1 against undead monster.

    So, 6 dice (only with some creatures), 2 skill... It's like the orc and emma goodluck. Thats more balanced IMHO. You have more life than emma but you only have 6 dice on some creatures (not all) and there are less treasures for prayer. About the orc, it's still under him but honestly, I find that character completely overpowered so that's not my purpose to create another monster like him

    Sorry for my english, it's a direct wrote from my mind. So what do you think about that ?

    Edit : I forgot to talk about birodin. I don't find him as broken as wayne because he can equip all treasures and can become really powerfull thanks to that, even if it's a lot luck dependant too. you are not "stuck" as vayne in a game thanks to your 2 to skills. In addition, you can be really annoying when you have the ability that disable all treasure when you share a tile. Even if you are out of the competition for the win you can still have some fun by annoying the others
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    I have only played one game, using Vayne, and I won.

    The trick to this guy is that he's bad, and people underestimate you, especially if they haven't seen you play (or if you played and lost). When you play the good guy, be a good guy, assisting people and forming alliances. I, having died twice, let Stabbins get the stone in exchange for him not killing me, while the other 2 members of the group took up arms against him. A huge battle started, and after the dust had cleared, there stood Emma, with 1 health. Guess what I did next.

    JSYK, the reason that Stabbins took me up on my offer was because I had the ability to assist with my full ranking. Without that Vayne ability, he would've just killed me. Vayne can be used, and in the right hands, he can be the best.
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