Atwood Metagamer (Prayer)

6 Brawn
1 Magic
1 Skill
7 Life

Heavenly Guidance - When Atwood Metagamer is revived, he comes back with only 2 wound markers on his card.

Head Hunter - When Atwood Metagamer attacks a unit holding the Summoning Stone, he rolls 2 additional dice.

(SS) Puppet Controller - Atwood Metgamer can roam 1 enemy player 1 space. That player is unaffected by movement restrictions and escaping.

I feel like, hedged out, this guy has everything that matters in Dungeon Run. Most of the abilities in the game don't really affect much, but these abilities are only what matters. Atwood is made with the intention of exploiting what tends to matter in the current metagame, not with the intention of being extremely balanced.