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Thread: Dungeon Run Strategy Advanced Strategy: Right Place, Right Time

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    Default Dungeon Run Strategy Advanced Strategy: Right Place, Right Time

    This thread is somewhat satirical. I've played about 5 games of Dungeon Run, and so far it doesn't feel like strategy factors into the game in many ways.

    One game I defeated 2 enemies while my girlfriend defeated like 10. She defeated the boss, and then I killed her when she had 1 life left.

    Another game my friend did next to nothing during the game but won because he stole the Summoning Stone and exited after someone else beat the boss.

    I've never felt like the winner of a Dungeon Run game "earned" their victory by playing cleverly or better than other players.

    Overall I have never had a game where I felt like any decision I made had a definitive impact on whether I won or lost. The impact of decisions feels kind of arbitrary and insignificant. I down mean to tear down the game, as we have fun playing, but I thought I'd get a discussion going on the subject. This has been my limited experience of Dungeon Run so far.

    Is being in the right place at the right time the best strategy for winning Dungeon Run?
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    All I can really say from my limited plays is that the strategy one needs isn't always te obvious "level your guy up more than the other players and beat them." it's more like "come up with something clever or manipulating to make sure you don't die."
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    Well, part of it certainly is being at the right place at the right time... that goes for any game with a board and movement. If you see someone is just screwing around, hanging out by the exit and waiting for you to be weak, there's nothing stopping you from attacking them first, stealing their equipment, then going take down the boss.

    And if they haven't killed anyone yet, they shouldn't be that strong themselves, so between your probably leveled up self, your summoner ability, and your monsters you summon each turn, you should have an advantage anyway.

    If the problem is that you are fighting the boss and your opponent is in an adjacent space at full health, then you have a real predicament and should consider escaping the boss if practical.

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    I second Adam. I think that there isn't any better strategy in any game that to predict what your opponents would do next. Here is quite easy to follow that, because he/she can only make so few actions per turn (usually 2); even if you count the random factor in (My opp can kill that monster or not) you should be able to at least read one turn ahead if you want to play advanced gamery here, IMO.

    I would like to note that I've seen a lot of games (in my group we're so vicious to not fall for this) that doesn't count the number of tiles until the Boss Lair appears, some rush in straight line trough the dungeon creating a choke point were their opponents can wait and ambush; you gain a lot if you just wander around counting the number of tiles and expecting where the Boss will appear.

    This game is not a very good place to play with strategies (long lasted enemies/alliances or focus only on advance or treasure hunting) but (to me) it's great to play tactically reading the resources at your disposition and taking the best profit of them on each turn/round. Like, 'I wanna "sabotage or assist" this turn, kill that monster or let the others deal with it' this seems a small task but if you accumulate enough of this "best plays" I can assure you that you won't have a bad position at End Game (unless your opp had better plays and could foresee your actions better, of course ). Again, this is all subjective as the game gives you so much freedom to play as you and your group want it.
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    I think it depends on your play style and character choice. I love to level up and advance, advance, advance. It's just my way of thinking. I always play Stabbins. When the boss comes out, I'm usually the one to slay it. After that, I waltz my way out. My friends hate playing with me because I'm always so nice and compliant until the endgame. If someone else gets the stone, I have my pals attack him.

    Once, my friend was Vargagg and he had the stone. I told my friends to go into his tile and kill him. However, they all received wounds from his Summoning Stone ability. I kindly suggested that since they would die, they should just deal him all the hits possible and die a hero. Three of them did it. Except for two, a brother and sister. They were accustom to my tricks but didn't warn anyone. I convinced the brother to kill his own sister. It was gold. All I had to do was kill him and skip out.

    See the trend? I focused on the political aspect of the game, not the physical. Instead of bulking up on brawn, I used my mind. Chose which guy you are. About killing the hero as soon as they get on your tile in the end game. The stone holder is usually bulked up and strong, he is usually hard to kill. I wouldn't take that route of waiting for him because he could just summon something horrid to weaken you up.
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