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Thread: About the life restored when you are knocked out

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    Default About the life restored when you are knocked out


    I'm not sure about the interpretation of the rules when you are knocked out

    "Set the number of wound markers on his hero card to half his life rating (rounded down)."

    Lets take the example of a heroes that have 7 HP.

    - The first intepretation could be : "Half of his life rounded down = 3, so I set 3 wound marker on the hero card, so he have 4 HP after beeing knocked out"

    - Second interpretation : "I set 4 wound markers because I have to set wound markers on the card until I reach half of his life rounded down. So he have 3 HP after beeing knocked out".

    I'm not sure what is the correct one.


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    What would happen if I receive enough damage to die twice? (E.g.: The hero has 5 life and get 10 wounds) How is the procedure in this case? (I get up and knock down again?)
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    The answer to both questions is that you would get up with only half the wounds the Unit can have. It is the wounds that are rounded down, so a Hero with 7 Life would be revived at 4 Life (and thus, 3 Wound Markers). Even if you take enough damage to "die twice", you'll have enough removed that you won't die when you get up the first time.
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    If you have 5 life and receive a million wounds, you're just knocked out. The extra wounds just go away, and you get up with half your life as TNS described.
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    If you receive more than double the wounds needed to be defeated, the only extra thing you suffer is shame. And a hero with 7 life would indeed revive with only 3 wound markers.

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