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Thread: Speculation for ALL Second Summoners !!

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    I could be a fun card if it made your opponents units flip for there next turn.
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    I had a thought for the Cloaks. Since Vlox can copy the ability from any Cloak unit, this would mean a Cloak summoner as well. So Vlox could take the ability from the Cloaks SS, but the reverse would not be true. What a disadvantage for the SS.

    One solution is to make the SS have an ability that occurs before the event phase, when it's too late for Vlox to benefit.

    The first ideas that come to mind:

    At the end of your summon phase, draw until you have 5 cards in hand.
    You may summon units adjacent to an opponent's wall if the unit is closer to your back row than the target wall.
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    @ZeeJr If your worried about that, the second summoner can have a defensive ability (active in the opponents turn) or beginning of your turn ability and it's np. However just limiting a Summoner because of a possible mirror match would be sad

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