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Thread: Spring Marks Big Announcements from Plaid Hat Games!

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    Default Spring Marks Big Announcements from Plaid Hat Games!

    Website Upgrade
    Springtime brings exciting news from Plaid Hat Games, makers of Summoner Wars. Version 2.0 of has been launched and with it comes many new features. The site redesign features a snazzy new look and makes browsing the companyís catalog of games and support features a more user-friendly experience. New Summoner Wars fiction and articles, along with a revamped forum, make reading and talking about your favorite Plaid Hat Games even easier.

    Mice and Mystics Announced, Available for Preorder
    The new website brings with it the official unveiling of Mice and Mystics, Plaid Hatís new storytelling adventure game. The oversized box comes packed with miniatures, tiles, cards, dice, and a storybook with 11 exciting chapters. Players take the roles of mousey loyalists fighting to free their kingdom from the clutches of a vile sorceress. The gameís announcement comes with a hefty 33% discount and 2 promotional cards for those who preorder the game from the Plaid Hat Website.

    Preview of Dungeon Run 2
    Also on the web site is a preview of the upcoming Dungeon Run 2. Check out the preview to see new art as well as a devious peek at all the new ways players will be able to betray their friends. New tiles, horrible monsters, and fiendish traps are all discussed. Dungeon Run 2 can act as a standalone product, or be a fun way to customize your existing Dungeon Run game sessions.

    Summoner Wars Video Courtesy of Watch It Played
    Interested in learning how to play Summoner Wars? Want your friends to see how the game works? Plaid Hat Games has teamed with Watch It Played, makers of the excellent learn-to-play videos. Their video will walk viewers through a game of Summoner Wars and explain the mechanics in an easy to learn fashion that new players will be able to grasp right away.

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    This a thread that will update every time new commons, champions, and summoners are released. Post deck builds and ideas anywhere. I can't wait to see every unit and deck build coming out!!!!!

    Question-Why aren't the elves more loved?
    Pheonix elves- Sure they're jerks, but they are so compelling to play...
    Jungle elves- Just because they're sneaky doesn't mean that they're evil you know.
    Shadow elves- They are an assassination deck, so why hate on them and not per say, the cloaks?(Actually, don't hate on them either)
    If you can't tell, I like elves!

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