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Thread: Birodin's ability order

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    Default Birodin's ability order

    Let's suppose you're playing Birodin and you draw Fast Learner as one of your first abilities. If you pick it, which abilities wold you select after each advance?
    Also, which Legacy ability gives you access to the most options or most useful equipment?

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    There's no absolute answer to this, it will all rely on what's encountered in the dungeon and how the other players play. For example, I would choose "Retribution"/"Reproachful Gaze" (depending on treasures/disposition to sabotage) first because we are always stepping on eachother's feet, but your group might made separate ways to play, so this abilities turn useless.

    Regarding the Legacies, if you have "Fast Learner" I would only pick them up once I have a card that I cannot equip. I have plenty of options to choose from before them. But if I don't have the ability first hand and I happen to choose between them whan I advance, I would say that "Mountain" it's the least rewarding one, because the same equipment a War type can use, can be used to Prayer and Talent, too. So that tells you that at least "Skies" it's better, and between choosing from it and "Storm" would require to see if you can happen to find which items first or to know what you will find.
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