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Thread: Queen Maldaria's Inferno

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    Default Queen Maldaria's Inferno

    I've been playing this deck to great success, against several other decks, notably Samuel Farthen, Sunderved, Hogar, and have remained undefeated.

    For reference, my pool of cards is all 1st summoners (except Ret-Talus and Sera), 2nd summoners of Guild Dwarves, Cave Goblins, Phoenix Elves, and Tundra Orcs, all Reinforcements, promos, and the Alliances set.
    For Deckbuilding I follow the Rallul rules, and limited to only 1 set worth of any given common.

    Here's the deck:
    2x Fireling
    2x Guardian
    4x Fire Dancer
    5x Fire Beast
    1x Archer
    4x Fire Archer

    Duke Ramazall
    Fire Drake

    Overall Mentality:
    Maldaria already gets 6x 1-life, 1-atk units for 'free' with the Phoenixes. The Firelings just feel like free magic point to hand to my opponent. While the first two on the board have had a few fun interactions with the pursue ability, I don't like it much. The five in-deck firelings are replaced entirely with Fire Beasts, so that 'Release the Hounds' actually does what it says.
    2x guardians replace 2 Fire Archers in Maldaria, for the times when range isn't necessary, and an extra hit point helps.
    Fire dancers are expensive, especially with Fire Beasts. As such, I removed one and replaced it with a standard Archer, just to have a 1-cost unit in a pinch.

    Heroes are Ramazall (for Passion of the Phoenix), Rahlee for sniping damaged Summoners/getting super buff with Phoenixes, and Fire Drake just because he's big and scary. He could easily be swapped for Kaebeeros for a good endgame.

    The deck has worked out brilliantly for me so far.
    Release the Hounds in hand early tends to get me 1-2 dogs in play, frequently able to take out early game commons combined with the starting units. I got a Turn 1 (when going second) Release the Hounds once, and being able to summon that early led to fast board domination.
    A strategic point with Maldaria is deciding when to leave spaces open for Phoenix conjuring or Hound releasing, vs. ending a turn with Save the Queen, but I suppose I've had good judgment thus far.
    Massive power turns with Ramazall and Guardians/Fire Archers destroy things with ease, and Fire Dancers can frequently body block and counter-strike.
    I've found no real weaknesses so far, and have found it very fun. Any recommendations/comments for improvement?
    Also, how would you build a deck to counter this one?

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    Thanks for posting.

    the initial thing that jumped out at me is it seemed a little splashy - what I mean is you have small numbers of different units. This makes drawing them less reliable. These days I try to stick with no less than 4 of a given replacement unit. However, I note that the strategy appears to be streamlined, as you will expect to use guardians in the same way you would use fire archers, they're just a meatier midfield advantage, I get that. But with only two in the deck, is the counter you contemplate reliable?

    Also, why you have only 1 archer is beyond me. Is there ever a reason to summon the archer?

    Release the Hounds is a great card. However, using it to get 2 fire beasts on the board is quite expensive - even though you can build magic during your event phase, it will still end up costing 4 cards per beast. Using it like that will deplete your deck quickly.

    Rahlee's synergy with phoenixes seems hard to pull off to me. They have to be next to Maldaria, so unless she is exposed and someone is coming in on her, it may be hard to reach the midfield with them.

    What this all tells me (and again, I don't have much experience vs Rahlee) is that I want to entice Maldaria to come to me as much as possible.

    If you want to give me a deck I'll tell you how I would build it.

    Otherwise, picking optimal decks, I'd be looking at: Rallul, Meda, Demagogue, Tundle, Endrich, and Tacullu, all who can make use of magic engines that will force you to come to my side of the board.

    Of the above, probably Tacullu would hurt the most, since you have one event capable of cleaning out your hand, which you're basically forced to use due to my Mimics, and then the following turn I'll have a higher likelihood of catching another event.

    I'd sit on my side with Owl Griffon and wait for Fire Drake. When Fire Drake comes, I can counter-summon him if I want to finish him quickly. Sirens and controllers can pull Fire Drake out of cover for this. I'm only worried about Ramazall if I'm moving into enemy territory.

    If Maldaria encroaches, Controllers and Sirens can expose her and I can attack Maldaria directly.

    Shifters can take your Fire Dancers and Fire Beasts off the board, leaving you with powerless replacements.

    My build would be:

    Owl Griffon


    I've got Keodel in there because she's cheap, can provide early aggro if needed, and also because I can combo her with Sorgwen to unleash a strong dice combo with a Controller or Siren. 6 dice should be enough to finish Maldaria, so if she's anywhere near my walls, covered or not, I could potentially string a combo together that could finish her off quite handily.

    There's no easy answer to Fire Drake other than Counter-Summon. But Counter-Summon is an easy and deflating answer. If that's the only card I'm worried about I'm not really worried.

    Hope that helps your buddies out.


    EDIT: I see that you don't have Bender SS. That won't be of much use to your buddies. In that case I might use:

    Owl Griffon


    Geos will supply pressure at range, Saella and Deceivers to counter Fire Dancers.

    Also, wouldn't Oldin be good too?



    Gror can expose Maldaria. Throkur can provide heavy damage at range and is somewhat safeguarded from Fire Dancers. Grungor can slug it out against heavy champs. And the ballistas can help tear down your walls, forcing you to basically engage in the midfield.
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