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    Default Unlocking Sera

    IMO Sera's the worst on the app. Commandercool laid out the basic points. I want to elaborate on those points a bit an share my thoughts on her optimal build.

    First off, Sera's ability isn't half bad. Regenerating your units, particularly your champs, is highly economical.

    However, there are a few issues with this ability. The first issue is that Sera has to be adjacent. As a result she is vulnerable to pot shots in the midfield. So naturally you might want to hang back in your zone. Often times however, Sera's got little to entice the enemy to come to you.

    Also, with so many 2-lifers for commons, you can't get the most out of Sera's ability - if the enemy did 2 damage there's no common left to heal.

    Then there's the overcosted base champs, Archangel and Rachel.

    Then there's the crappy statlines - 1/2(all base commons and Angels) 1/4(Rachel) 2/6(Colleen/Archangel)

    Taken together that doesn't leave you with much.

    Sera needs:

    1. Better champs
    2. Better commons

    That being said:

    Sera's best natural options are Jacob, Kalon and Leah, probably in that order;
    Cavalry Knights at 2/2 are the best statline, and a good power;
    Seras base units have crappy statlines but good powers;
    You might be able to squeeze some extra life out of Sairook and Duggle;
    Sera pairs well with Malevolence. IMO Mal > Kalon;
    Grubs and Duggle help protect Sera from harm;
    Stone Golems are worth looking at. Their statline is not only undercosted but it's perfect for Sera's ability;

    Speaking of actual builds, Congruity came up with a decent build he used against me a few years back.

    I don't know if he tweaked the commons at all but the champs were:

    Kalon Lightbringer

    This was a tough group of champs to take down. He basically sat back in his own end and built magic until he could roll them out. A neat trick was setting up walls in the same row, one space apart, and sending Grubs around the corner to attack, then pop back in between the walls.

    However, I find this build is still quite weak against Summoner who rely on CUEs and those with inevitability engines like Dema and Tundle. The problem is the CUEs hurt your economy, inevitability means your opponent is building theirs, and you're not trading off to build magic.

    Recently I've been experimenting with this champ lineup:


    4 archers
    1 priest
    7 guardian Knights
    6 cavalry Knights

    Basically, i more or less subbed out priests for cavalry Knights. I rarely, rarely plan on using anything other than my starting priest, so it's just putting a better common in that can work well with guardian Knights. They have a good ability and statline.

    I leave a few archers so I can summon a second and get two 2 AV / 2 HP ranged units. 2/2 ranged units have a great statline, but without a starting archer on the board, not worth the price of admission.

    Jacob puts pressure on enemy walls, Malevolence is the hammer that punishes players trying to Counter Jake. Leah is what I call the "flex hammer" - she's a solid early aggro champ who you can later discard, or she can act as Jake's hammer if Malevolence is buried.

    Overall, this build allows for some decent midfield aggro to keep your opponent on their toes. Sera is also capable of a lot of hvy dmg counters with up to 2 4AV champs and 1 3AV ranged champ.

    I'd welcome any feedback or deckbuilds to share. Sera is IMO the toughest summoner to master.
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    In default deck, archer is one of those unit that is easily brushed off as weak, but having just a 2/2 range and maybe a guard to protect from melee can make a difference, forcing enemy to break the mini-formation. Although it isnt a hard break, but its still asking enemy to do something they usually don’t need to against VG.

    This won’t work against a lot of cue reliant faction like GD, where you can’t afford to have many common on the map, and honestly there isn’t much app-faction archer is reliably fighting against, but its something to consider with archer, of course deck building mean you probably won’t even care about archer... but range is still a value assets and potential of 2 range is that little bit VG can muster... since they really don’t have much

    And just like why Jacob is so good in VG, range unit means so much more in VG, because you are asking people to move in, and sometime enemy just don’t have enough movement of their 3 allowance to do what they want AND deal with range. And since they need to move in to Sera, thats kinda when I find Sera’s 2 attack range also start mattering more during early-mid game where usually Sera does jack sitting back, wasting her time doing nothing... if I can shoot 2 range with Sera every turn safely in her zone (accompanied by even more range especially) then that’s when VG is maximizing its magic income, little bit of momentum like this early-on makes her flow better I find... so yeah, Range means more in VG
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    If deck building is in the picture, I think there’s potentially a range build plus unit like Spear Grounder where the unit can poke diagonal behind walls/unit, focus firing and take down enemy one by one probably a most reliable method to weather opponent down.

    I think healing unit like Stone Golem is a bit waste of magic with Sera, in fact I believe VG healing is largely just a side thing (except Sera healing big Champ). I think purposely healing with VG waste their attacking allowance, unless of course if there is nothing else to do... most of thr time when Sera so focusing on healing, she gets no where by the time end game comes around

    I feel that there is so many ways to deal with common in the game that wasting so much time and resources (or potential magic income) just to keep a common alive long enough for enemy to destory it off with a swift event is a waste of time and push Sera into the late game with no advantage saved up.

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    Thanks for your input.

    I agree that Spear Grounders are a solid choice.

    I've experimented with Stone Golems, Sera and Colleen, but I've had difficulty using them effectively. I think the big problem is that Sera's power costs you an attack, so you only ever have 2 attacks if you are constantly healing.

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