Hi All, I would like to get inputs from all experienced players with Rallul.

In general I have played him less than 10 times on the app, and never in real life. My experience so far with him:

Against him: I normally play as Ret Talus which does not help, but in general I feel it is very difficult to attack him properly for the following reasons:

-I cannot get my summoner close to him (Magic pulse can kill any summoner or champ).
- If I attack him with commons I get close to his stone golems which tend to be stronger than my commons. their only limitation is they cannot go fast and attack, but if I get close to them then they dont have that problem.
- I feel the urge to attack because he will be using draw power turn after turn, making his hand bigger and having more and more options each turn.
- He has etch.
- He has Rune Mages, so it is tricky to place attacking walls.

Honestly, when I play against him I feel the only chance I have, is to go super offensive, attack walls and pray. And normally I lose at the end, when they use the golems as walls, then builds magic and summons at the same time, and transfers wounds from walls and stone golems to my units, and after the turn is over I am surrounded by units and the game is mostly over.

As crazy and broken as it sounds, I see all that danger when I am playing against him, but when I play as Rallul, I feel so lost with so many options, and also because I normally when I play SW I want to build magic, but with him, instead, I need to keep the magic in my hand and use it at the right time when I have all the cards I need for a proper strike, but honestly I dont feel like I am superior ( I feel inferior when I play against him) probably because I dont have enough experience with him.

I would like to hear from the experts on this forum on how to play him properly and what is the best counter in general when you play against ?him?