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Thread: Taliya's and Piclo Availability

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    Default Taliya's and Piclo Availability

    I don't get to play my games often so I have started to weed out the ones that I will pass over for others more times than not and sell them on eBay. Summoner Wars, however, is STAYING in my collection. Because of this I have decided to sleeve everything and buy what I am missing. 13 second summoner and reinforcement packs... That's it. I can find, through various shops online, 11 of these 13 missing parts of my collection (well, and the Bodgan promo...).

    I cannot find Taliya's Spirit Reinforcement Pack nor Piclo's Magic. Does anybody know if there is a place I can pick these up or if they're lost forever?

    I searched on the site and found Piclo's pack. The result says it's not available but the page itself says it is. Finding the store page for Taliya, however, says it definitely is not available. I'm going to place the order, but I'm pretty sure I will be notified that Piclo isn't actually available.

    Thanks for any help! or commiseration... That's always welcome :P

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    That's kind of surprising. I believe i got mine from coolstuffinc, and at the time they were restocking supplies of all decks. They seem to be out of most things currently, though.

    Ebay is the other good option. People will periodically break up and sell their collections.

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