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Thread: Is Turt OP in Rallul?

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    Default Is Turt OP in Rallul?

    jwalker and I have been discussing whether Turt is OP. We agree he's fine in Swamp Mercenaries, Mugglug (without RAllul mercs), and Natazga.

    The question is whether he's OP in Rallul. It's very strong to Channel Summon a Turt in enemy territory.

    We discussed whether summoners had good counters to Turt. The following is the list that I came up with:

    Hard counter: 17 summoners
    - Jexik: Concealed Weapons, Tinkerer
    - Meda: Daddy doesn’t like you
    - JE: Negation + Poison Cloud
    - Mercs, SO, and Glueblurb: Turt,
    - MV: Storm Mage + Guard
    - PE: all the direct damage
    - Grognack: freeze, Rukar, blagog, thwarter
    - Sera: Korbolden
    - IElien: Elien will, events, and precise abilities
    - Moyra: Lightning Strike, Storm Mage + Guard, Blinding Light

    Soft counter: 9 summoners
    - CG: mook, High av, soul eater (?)
    - Vlox: Tinkerer
    - Oldin: Baldar
    - Bolvi: Baldar, Mortar (hide tower behind wall and shoot at Turt attacking your walls), GT + Architect for efficient trading
    - Hogar: Baldar, Rune of Nullification, Rukar, blagog, thwarter
    - SG: Tinkerer, efficient high Av champs
    - Torgan: Rukar, Blagog, Ice armor, thwarter

    Poor counter: 9 summoners
    - BD and Endrich: Haku, Controllers
    - FK: efficient trading with champs + Dark Sac (depending on definition could be soft counter)
    - Dema and Warden: Soul Eater, Claw, Blade, Poison
    - Melundak: consume in darkness (only does 1 wound), maybe Rhinos (?)
    - Marek: Tinkerer (just like Vlox and Krusk, but weaker defense so downgraded to this category)

    No real counter: 5 summoners
    - DD
    - SE
    - Sam
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    Sam counters everyone.

    Abolish the Channeled Summon FTW.

    On a serious note, looking at counters on a card-by-card basic is misleading, because sometimes entire strategies can counter a card. I would say aggressive decks could feasibly counter a Turt in your face, just because aggression is that much more imminent than Turt.
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    In other news, CUSTOMS!
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    DD has got Kynder, so Turt will have a problem to hit anything, especially in the late game.
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    did you ever played that out? Because I have and I can ensure you Kynder is no good answer to Turt. Late game turt is always a bit weak if not in a perfect position during summon however if you Summon Turt early or during the midgame in an forward position (next to the side of a wall) the economic loss to deal with Turt via Kyndar is in no way worth it (as I said I have seen it and is was way to expensive).

    Note: Kynder can also only move Turt 1 space!

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