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    I wonder why people donít complain about this event more often, it is a catch up event which is economically as strong as magic drain or maybe more.

    This event is played and has no cost, so, the only cost is the card of the event = 1 magic.

    Then it can remove 2 units of max 2 magic means, 6 magic in total. So, this event gives you + 5 magic, and there are 2 of them.

    Magic drain, spends 1 card which is the event, to get 2 magic for you and subtract 2 from opponent, for a total of +3.

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    Lot of reasons
    - Doesn’t steal magic
    - counterplay (Units summon cost of 3+)
    - selundar isn’t as strong as the other cue summoners
    - can support aggressive/assassination play
    - sometimes selundar actually wants magic from killing commons

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    Three of Sel's events are among the shittiest events in the game (nothing but a 1-magic net gain), and two of the remaining 4 heavily advantage having lots of units out.

    Which happens to relate to a change I was just thinking about... Blood Drake should also get +1av when moved by an event card.

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