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Thread: The 5 basic positional strategies broken down

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    you guys are back to label ONE SINGLE strategy to each summoner. The point of my previous post (the different playstyles) was to point out that you should NEVER persue only one single strategy per deckbuild. You might play only one strategy in a single game but decks and playstyles will be much more successful if you 1) give you the option to play more than one strategy and 2) if you reanalyse every turn and switch your strategic plan on the fly! In theory EVERY summoner can play EVERY playstyle - just not all of them on the same level. However, even if your summoner is not super great at one playstyle, that doesn't mean that there aren't situations when you will opt for it. In general you should look at the event and unit set and identify which strategies are the most reasonable ones you can play and how you can use these in certain situations.

    To me both your assesments on Selundar are incomplete
    - App Selundar has great tools for assassination (and I win quite a few of my games via assassination, even vs. good ones - just don't insist on too much). Swordman+Hunter gives greatr reach, especially with a forward wall. Stalking advance, melek, swordman and Xaser add additional tools. Then shadows makes sure you don't feed too much magic to your opponent and into darkness open lanes.
    - he's also not too bad with timing push strategy, often lead by Hydrake + 1 common/champ and selundar in the background to counter and heavy targets with his out of shadows. Again, if you opponent is low on magic, shadows and also a well placed into darkness help out a lot here to make it hard for the opponent to build up a proper defense.
    - he's not too shabby in a defensive style play game (especially outside the app) using Selundars/Hunters range + summon the night, shadows and into darkness. This can be a playstyle that works well early on (while preparing your timing push) or later game (when you timing push was partly defended but both players economie and board position is close).
    -crowding is not his strength due to his many 1 life units, however occasionally you want to start your pushes with some crowding + shadows backed up to set up the huge future turns.

    Now the key is to kombine these strategies and switch on the fly of a single game. For example you might get a really cheep 2 dice shot at the opponents summoner via one of your swordman + into darkness. This is a small investment and in general a useful turn - you go for it. later on you can summon swordman + hunter + shadows to get another 2 dice on the summoner and suddenly your opponents is worried about assassination and covers up heavily. Now you should switch over to either a defensive style play (windly down all blockers with summon the night or similar good trades or use another into darkness) and build of for your huge push (hydrake + melek for example). The key part is that during your push, the opponent STILL needs to be afraid of a possible assassination move, that is even easier to pull of once a wall falls or if your forward units can be the target for hunters.

    Similar it's with Abua. Assassination does happen but not super often. His heavy champ style + chant of life can be indeed used to play economic and negation + haste can also be used to make some good counter attacks. The key is to combine these key strategies to best use. I still play shikwa in abua on the app, even so she's pretty weak alone. However, shikwa offers me both possible assassination AND some great defense (unfortunately expensive) and is therefore fitting into this multi strategy playstyle I like.

    Other summoners have a bit more limited play strategies but never only one. With Sundaved I go for a combo of wall crowding and midfield control (using fall back and later on superior planning to repeat to get the better trades), while using some assassination moves if my opponent tries to avoid the fight (1 AV brute pushes a stormmage to the summoner). If my opponent summoner is heavily wounded I might switch to an assassination style, which might be an all in (brute + Quen, Brute+Sundaved+fall back). Versus specific summoners, you need to adapt - vs. Oldin I normally play a rather economic style (one unit against their wall to draw out their units, try to kill a bunch of units and fall back to save or eventually kill my wounded ones. It's not his strongest strategy, but in this MU it is (to avoid gror bomb, to not get hit too early with double magic drain -> baldar/gror)

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    Jman, I think you’ll see I was not labeling single strategies

    I was saying Abua can do a bunch of different things decently. Mugglug can definitely do a bunch of different things. I wasn’t labeling Seraas one strategy but that she likes to play slowly and struggles with mugg. I agree Selundar can do a bunch of different things—was mainly pointing out you don’t see Robert really play assassin.

    Abua ability is not economical but that’s why you never use it unless you try to assassinate. It’s one of worst summoner ability in games. Abua has several units with great economic value:Miti mumway, Makeinda Ru, and Gorilla. Also Chant of Life is an Econ card that can also be used in assassination. You don’t spam Lioneer when you play abua. I really didn't think we were going re-open a debate settled in the community about viability of assassination, whether Abua is better suited playing something else other than trying to assassinate. Or whether Miti Mumway, Makeinda Ru are great value and Gorillas can be great valu.

    Vlox is largely Econ summoner (yes he has some other tools and can do a little bit else) and that’s exacrly how you’ve played against me. Setup Admiral to protect your strong units (malevolence, Mundol, Mundol’d AMs, and Snipers), hope to get lucky and Spy a champ, MD, play Cloak of Shadows in an economic way. How is that not all economic based play? I also am surprised that we are reopening another long-settled debate about Vlox on the app being mainly an economic and hit and run summoner.
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    @jwalker, clearly you are thinking on a level beyond this post - which was ironically intended to simplify and generalize the previous post you made.

    Ive had several opportunities to train people in my life, and if that experience has taught me anything, it's that when you are teaching people a new skill, the answer to every question can't be "yes, but". You will lose your students if you don't start with some basic concepts and build from there.

    The idea behind the post was to introduce some basic positional strategies for newer players. I happen to know a few people I've introduced to the game and it's primarily for them. Building on the basic fundamentals I think will help them grasp the later elaborations that more advanced players rely on.

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