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Thread: 6 offensive summoners exist

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    Default 6 offensive summoners exist

    By this I mean true offensive decks that want to go on the "offensive" (long campaign in enemy territory) because they have more incentives to play offense than defense.

    I count:
    Malenatar (with Storm Mages banned--Storm Mage + Onslaught is an extremely strong defensive tool)
    Brath (if Lun banned, otherwise Lun castle is always so strong)

    Then, there are a bunch that: (1) can play offense; but (2) would play defense if they could because their tools are just as strong or stronger defensively than offensively; but (3) are forced to play offense in many matchups due to nature of matchup
    - Sneeks
    - Frick
    - Mad Sirian (jwalker style)
    - Nikuya Na
    - Sunderved
    - Mugglug
    - Selundar
    - Samuel Farthen
    - Melundak
    - Hogar
    - Moyra
    - Grognack
    - Abua Shi

    And then there are a couple that can play offense, but their defenses are just stronger, so they almost never really are forced to play offense.
    - Rallul
    - Tundle
    - Ret-Talus
    - Krusk
    - Demagogue
    - Little Meda
    - Scraven

    Can that really be? Just 6 true offensive summoners out of all 40 summoners? Just 6 decks where there's always more incentive to be offensive than defensive?
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    I think Selundar, because of warriors, prefer to go into offense, however I lost a final of My grognack vs Panther playing sunder because he started to poke my walls with luka and i was forced to attack , because I played with no ranged at all, thinking he would play offensive

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    hmm to me there are only very very few summoners that stick to one play. I think there a different base strategies and the summoners are a mixture of these.

    Let's take these parameters:

    all out rush = going on offense from the very start
    swarm = summon spot blocking often combined with wall pressure
    assassination = single waves of attacks, must not necessary mean hits on the opponents summoner
    timing push = times explosive offense that is meant be kept up and is the start of an all in
    midfield control = trading units efficiently while keeping the board position
    defensive play = trading units efficiently, while giving up board position
    economic play = trading units while using mechanic for an economic advantage
    counter play = answering an opponent offense with a combination of units and events to clear the board

    then your list to me would look like this (strongest strategy first)
    - Malenatar (all out rush, midfield trading, assassination)
    - Natazga (swarm, assassination)
    - Torgan (timing push, assassination)
    - Saturos (all out rush, swarm, economic play)
    - Brath (extremly strong midfield control, counter play)
    - Marek (assassination, defensive play)
    - Sneeks (all out rush, timing push, counter play - and midfield control with proper sly)
    - Frick (midfield control, assassination, swarm)
    - Mad Sirian (economic play, assassination)
    - Nikuya Na (timing push, counter play, assassination)
    - Sunderved (midfield control, assassination, swarm)
    - Mugglug (swarm, midfield control)
    - Selundar (assassination, defensive play, timing push)
    - Samuel Farthen (all out, midfield control, defensive play)
    - Melundak (timing push, swarm, assassination)
    - Hogar (midfield control)
    - Moyra (everything depending on build)
    - Grognack (midfield control, economic play, timing push)
    - Abua Shi (assassination, defensive play, economic play)
    - Rallul (counter play, timing push, assassination and economic play)
    - Tundle (economic play, assassination, counter play)
    - Ret-Talus (economic play, timing push)
    - Krusk (counter play, defensive play, timing push)
    - Demagogue (economic play, counter play, assassination)
    - Little Meda (economic play)
    - Scraven (counter play, defensive play)

    You will probably notice that economic play and counter play are always strong feats for summoners, especially if combined. Strong midfield control is however also a very strong feat and if done well decks that can do good timing pushes are often also very successful. Assassination is often seen as weak but if combined with some of the stronger deck strength it is often much more scary (see Rallul's magic pulse, that cripples opponents options).

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    I think the point of CC is that offensive summoenrs are defined as summoner that ENJOY being on the offensive, not those that are FORCED to be on the offensive.

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    Yes and my point was - what is offense? Strong board presence with occasional wall pressure is also offense, not only all out. And especially decks like Nikuya Na are especially strong at timing pushes, that like to hang back for a while and then WANT to do a huge overwhelming push. There are so many mixed forms of offensive + defensive play that it's just to simple to make it "offense or defense summoners".

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    @jwalker Great list and explanations!

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    Jwalker, respectfully I think you changed my question and answered a different question. My question was “true offensive” decks, which I defined as always wanting to play offense.

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