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Thread: My Vlox build

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    Default My Vlox build

    I thought I would share one of the builds I use for Vlox.

    He's often overlooked by players because he doesn't seem to match up very well against many factions. I rarely see opponents using him.

    He's actually my favourite summoner on the app, because more than any other faction, you can build Vlox so many different ways. He's a bit of a gambler, but that's part of the fun.

    But I think the main reason he is generally weak against the other more powerful factions is because his units simply lack AV and life. And don't get me started about how useless Dagger is.

    I think I've found a build that matches up pretty well against heavy hitters like Oldin and Grognak, and I feel like sharing it:


    starting set up
    4 AMs
    3 Snipers
    2 extra thieves
    4 slashers

    The three champs complement each other quite well. Admiral gives Malevolence longer life, Vlox can even copy Admiral's power and suck her self-wounds back. Admiral also helps you keep Mundol alive, and also his AMs can supplement extra attack value to surround an enemy. You can also keep AMs alive a lot longer with Admiral. If Admiral is buried, you're left with Mundol and Malevolence, which isn't a bad combo either. It's the old hammer and anvil - Mundol's range draws them in, Malevolence is the hammer that strikes when they do.

    More than anything though, this build helps you get some really heavy damage and high health onto the field that can punish the Grors, Grunks, and Fire Drakes of the world, finishing them off in two turns max, as opposed to the 3 or 4 it would take with Vlox's inconsequential, low life 2 AV champs.

    I think this build is competitive or near competitive against all comers. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.
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    You donít miss having champ abilities that Vlox can clone? Obviously he can copy Admiral but there is a very hard limit to how many times he can do that...

    If you really like gambling with Vlox, run him with a lot of scrappers. It may not be the most consistently competitive build, but the rush of a successful ambush one game will keep you going through a few more where it doesnít work out.

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    The short answer is no.

    i will occasionally find some early use with Vlox and the starting commons in the first few rounds before the champs roll out. But after he's taken a few hits he stops being useful anyway. But really, throwing him into the mix at any stage of the game is risky. Most summoners sit back anyways, so why shouldn't Vlox? He will have snipers in this build to do just that.

    As for useful champ abilities, the only one I really miss is Violet. I find escape is too expensive, and Hawk is too ineffective. That doesn't mean I don't have builds which include them, but I do not consider those builds as competitive as this one.

    There is a limited window for a scrapper gambit in this build with your starting scrappers. The way I see it, if the scrapper gambit doesn't work in the first 3 or 4 turns, it's probably not going to work at all. When given the opportunity, I will send Vlox downfield and set up steals and scrapper gambits, but once the opponent has the ability to roll out champs, Vlox is too weak to risk him.
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    I'd like to update this slightly, just to say that I have started using Saella more frequently in Malevolence's place. Many players prefer Guild Dwarves and Tundra Orcs, as they are Big 4. Saella is a good counter to Baldar and Thwarters, and the sacrifice in AV is worth the compromise.

    In other MUs though, I would prefer Malevolence.

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