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    Default Tacullu Custom

    This modified set has made for much more interesting matches with Tac.

    Tacullu 2R/5
    Counter Summon changed to Distort Reality - You may change Faction and Summoner references on cards and abilities you use and may use opponents' conjuration, vine wall and minor ice wall piles. Instead of attacking with Tacullu, if your Draw Pile isn't empty you may shuffle an Opponents' card from your Discard Pile into your Draw Pile.

    A Hero is Born rename to Mind Tap x1 - Play at the start of your turn and place under your Summoner who gains the name and ability of an opposing Summoner in addition to his own. Discard at the immediate start of your turn. You may play this card from your Draw Pile or a Discard Pile if not played your previous turn.

    Mimic x3 - Choose an opponent, you may either take an Event Card from their discard pile that isn't a wall; or you may look at their hand and take an Event Card that isn't a wall.

    Mind Control x3 - Play this event during your Event, Movement or Attack Phase. Take control of an enemy Common Unit adjacent to your Summoner by spending Magic equal to the Unit's Summon Cost.

    Magic Drain rename to Doppelganger x2 - Choose an opponent’s unit in a Discard Pile and add it to your hand. You may immediately summon it for 1 Magic less than its printed cost. If it’s printed cost is 0, you may place this card on your Magic Pile.

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    thx nburg I wanted to ask you for the tacu build of your, as even for our project tacu needs a lot of changes to be in balance due to the different match-ups. I'll check and see how I like it.

    Ok I checked it and let's see if I got everything

    Tacu: can reuse opponents events, if he already stole one via mimic -or enemy units - limited by needed cards in draw. To some extend this is a magic engine or a crazy reuse of the strongest event the opponent has (he can't keep in hand and you can also take from discard, which means the only place to hide an event you don't want to give to tacu is the magic pile) but also means you can resummon enemy champs?

    Mind trap: is basically a free cost event to make sure tacu can use an opponents event that specify the summoners name and faction

    mimic: even stronger than current one, but most of the time you will choose discard, because you really really need that event for your tacu ability and can't risk not getting one. Still vs. Rallul or other summoners that's rough.

    Mind control: Interesting tweak, so far I like this version the most. You can mind control adjacent commons (which is ok I guess since you loose counter summon) but also move first and then mindcontrol, or even use a controler to get those extra spaces in the attack phase to mindcontrol it and use it to attack. This involves Tacu in the frey, which is a good trade off.

    Doppelgänger: I'd consider to just make it "place this card in your magic pile" no matter how the cost, than you save a lot of space and the event is much more simple phrased. I think it's a fitting event for Tacu and Benders and considering the discount you get (-1 magic cost) I guess i'd be ok. Consider special placement as an extra?

    Here some comments from my side:

    Tacu: If that would be limited to enemy event cards, I guess that works. I'm worried that it basically allows you to summon 6 champs and once you have commons in your draw pile you have a magic engine as powerful as Dema's. Since you also have doppelgänger and shifter, I don't think enemy units are needed in draw pile and event cards would still be useful due to mimic (especially with multiple mimic use).

    you should strongly consider to change mimic to JUST discard pile. Currently there is no way to avoid the stealing of the strongest events in game and considering how often you can use them I'm sure it's too strong. If Elein draws greater burn on turn 2 he basically can't avoid to give it to tacu at some point who can reuse the event like 3-4 times during the game, if not more. Similar stuff with Fury of godshroom and Goblin invinceablily. If limited to discard pile, a player can hold it in hand since the player really really wants to use it or all mimics are played to make sure your own event does not backfire on you that much. Sunderved could hold on fall back for example and immediately use superior planning to get it back in his hand, if he does want to keep it.

    Let's quickly see if other combos seems broken
    - multiple use of daring plan looks crazy espcially with Mindwitches and sorgwen combos
    - multple use of magic drain and or spy as well
    - multiple destabilize - basically the 3rd one with some minimum wall attacks should mean total wall destruction
    - multiple for glory
    - mass enlist of high cost mutation, which with shifter is already rough for mutation play
    - multiple lightning strikes

    I think that's a bit too good to reuse these powerful events 3-4 maybe even more that that per game. I'd consider to change the wording a bit like this

    Tacu: only event cards can be taken from discard pile and when he plays an opponent event, he gets the name and factions, and all units count as faction - so he can 100% use the event. (then you could keep "a hero is born")

    mimic: only discard pile (so player can avoid via hand or magic pile) and after an opponents event is played, the event goes into the opponents discard pile.

    This has 2 effects:
    1) you limit the strong event use to 3x (your mimic count), which is still strong but not as rediculous.
    2) if the opponent use an opponent event, he also looses the magic engine effect of the event, limiting the economic part of the ability to only some magic. If you don't play the stolen event, you can pump 3 magic via your 3 mimic events, spent it and then rinse and repeat (like dema with 3 mutations in discard). Once you play the event, it's at the opponents discard pile and you can't reuse it via tacus ability.

    @doppelgänger: We will add in our project that a mutation card can never be placed on the board without a common below, so that illusionary warrior or other events don't work with mutations. If you do not play to use a similar rule, you can consider to exclude mutations from your doppelgänger event (remember shifter already punish mutations)
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    Jwalker we all had this discussion a long time ago about Tac taking event card from enemy Discard. It’s really awful bc there’s no counterplay at all to avoid Tac getting stuff like FOG or Magic Pulse, etc. it’s a complete no go for me

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    We haven’t found repeated plays of big events an issue. It almost never happens because even if you mimic it and play it, you need to recycle it instead of attacking with Tac and then redraw it. Pressuring Tac will prevent this from happening.

    We are aggressive players and most matches are fast. Controllers remain the defining Tac unit. Since he can change the faction text they can combo with a lot of enemy events and abilities effectively. Deceivers still help disrupt the enemy and slow the game for him. If you don’t rush Tac he can slow play you but not as easily as Dema or Tundle because he needs enemy cards in his discard to cycle so he has to make kills or steal cards. So he has more to mange than they do. Most times he’s holding a Mimic or two eyeing an event combo from the opponent’s discard pile for a big turn.

    He feels lower than average in power with these mods but the matches are fun and interesting. He still feels like Tac but more of a mirror than ever and less boring erasing actions of opponents.

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