4 starters live only 2 turns. I don't have space for Smeege (i stopped useing him in 2015 when i got errata- in pl version of TR was no "common" printed). I love flexibility of my own build (Scab, Dibs, Mook, 3x bererkers, 3x taskmasters, 2x oafs, 3x lurkers, 2x climbers). I love oafs but only as finishers. In regular fights i find them weak, cause people know how to play around enrage. I'm not that hard tied to economy value of JtH. For me more important is summon during event phase and cost reduction on board to set up assasination. Also 0 costers for LotH mean more than extra 1AV. It's all about posibilities of set up 3xTR combo.