Phantoms are very very bad design. Especially for factions that rely on champs (like Sera or classic Abua) they can ruin games. The main complain is that phantoms are win or loose units. If my opponent starts summon phantoms I know I rather win (he doesn't posses, summons bad units that hand me tons of magic) or its a loss (he get's 1 or more possesses).

Everyone who completely dominated a game just for the opponent to summon 2-3 phantoms to possess 2 or your champions will know what I mean.

I personally did like alliance, the decks were nicely designed (the way they play). However, at this time I knew we will have at least 2x16 summoners (1st and 2nd) so I wasn't happy about additional +8. Further, they had/have the problems with the deckbuilding. Still I rate alliance as a rather good product and would have rather seen some summoners as a second summoner of the factions instead. Moyra instead of Sam, Marek instead of Scraven for SG, Warden instead of Meda, iElein replacing original Elein. Alliance has some very good decks IMO also from the design (Moyra, iElein, Warden) and lacks the unfun part of the original master set (taunt, ensnare, taculu, into darkness, lun and so on).

I'm wondering why Jexik is below Sirian. For me both are very similar. They do ok as a deck but seem to be missing a tiny bit. They also make their first summoner much more competitive thanks to their commons (mostly renegate and warlock).