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Thread: Additional Game Rule - A Bit Less Chance

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    Default Additional Game Rule - A Bit Less Chance

    Thought of a rule that might demphasize one of the games more frustrating aspects of unlucky dice rolls. We’ve all been there when we see a great opportunity or combination become completely undone by horrible dice, completely upending good strategy. Here is a house rule I propose:

    Both players get one 1 Destiny token (Doesn’t have to be called Destiny, could be Luck or whatever) where in once per game it may be be played during the attack phase. “Destiny: Place this token on a attacking unit after the results of the attack recorded no hits. This unit may attack again. Discard Token from game after this attack.”

    That’s it. I think it’s an interesting additional game mechanic that’s a good compromise of demphasizing the chance a bit, while not being too overpowered. Originally I thought maybe it could be used to a give a unit the Presice ability for 1 attack, but that seems too powerful. Also it can’t be used when an attack recorded 1 or 2 out of X number of hits. Only on complete misses.

    Let me what what think, not sure if this has already been discussed before.


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    I do like a rule like this and would enjoy playing with this rule.

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