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Thread: The Death of Summoner Wars? GenCon 2017

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    It’s easy to feel like a game is dying, especially when such game goes out of print. It’s human nature to gauge perspective by our surroundings, where some might feel the game is dead because no one around is playing, but reality there still many playing but probably just not reaching out. I guess the lack of a gaming scene, or tournament scene is where these type of feeling is derived from.

    People I played with thinks the simplicity of name, easy-on-the-eye artwork, and the ease of play is reason they ask for more Summoner Wars. It is far too easy to fall into decision to keep pumping out new cards after new cards, the mass public usually have a hard time to keep in touch in current over-saturated table game market.

    I think Plaid Hat did a great job stopping at 40 factions, ultra advance player can still dig deeper with reinforcements and/or deck building, many player I introduced this game to rather play the base deck instead of deck build largely because they rather spend time actually playing, or explore matchup... just too bad this game is now OOP

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    Hi, for everyone to know we have a Facebook site, just search Summoner Wars, there we ask questions, share thoughts and reach people who don't log in this forum but love the game.


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