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    Default The Death of Summoner Wars? GenCon 2017

    The Death of Summoner Wars? – GenCon 2017

    I’m sitting on the curb, flask in hand, telling old war stories of years past.

    “They called me Vlox Masta. Let me tell you—I beat down the competition like nobody’s business. I owned GenCon. I used to be somebody…”

    This year the only Summoner Wars event was the Pick Your Poison event. Support for Summoner Wars was at a minimum this year. We’re probably lucky there was any event at all.

    I created a disgusting Krusk deck for the event. I called the deck “The Death of Summoner Wars.” With a little feedback from Waterd I came up with this build:

    Dinky, Etch, Biter
    7xShaman, 3xRune Mage, 3xSlayer

    A lot of NPE and broken rolled up into one little deck. I wasn’t going to use it, but then I thought, “Eh—what the hell.” I brought it to Pick Your Poison.

    My other deck was Immortal Elien. I have fun with him plus I think Burning Skeletons are a tad undervalued.

    Immortal Elien
    Laleya, Fire Drake, Elut-Bal
    8xHarbinger, 3xWarlock, 4xAugur

    The event was delayed for an hour while a Tournament Supervisor was found. Clarissimus lamented the lack of punctuality. “I thought you were supposed to host that Summoner Wars tournament? No, I thought you did. Is anyone going to host it?”

    Anyway, the tournament got underway, in the shadow of an Ashes tournament which was well supervised. Packs of card sleeves were at every Summoner Wars board, and I thought for a moment that we were required to sleeve our decks, which would have taken me a lifetime to do. I like to see the card backs because I know when I’m about to draw a Champion in Immortal Elien, or an Augur. But my fears were unfounded: The card sleeves were just a bonus for participation.

    Round 1: vs. Mophovans (sp?)

    This dude brought Malaentar and Scraven, two decks who I haven’t played much of. I haven’t really gotten to break the spine of the new second summoner decks, so all I know about these decks is the grumblings I’ve heard on the forums. Somebody once said Malaentar was bad at one point, so I picked him to supposedly have the upper hand.

    Malaentar came at me like a freight train, its commons working together like a well oiled machines. Extra movements all going to good use, with the dude with Lesser Cover making the Aspirants that would have been easy Harbinger targets into defensive walls.

    I passed a lot, drawing mostly Augurs at the beginning. I use Augurs for Elut-Bal and Burnt Sacrifice mostly, but those cards were buried and I ended up just cluttering the battlefield while the machine that is Malaentar’s starting setup made short work of my starting wall.

    Immortal Elien moved out to meet the coming storm, and took 3 wounds from attacking commons. I managed to play Laleya and played double From the Ashes to make the swarm around Immortal Elien into Warlocks. I recovered from what was a lackluster start, but I was way behind in card advantage, having hardly killed anything.

    A Storm Mage dealt the last wound to Elien, sealing my fate. You’re only as good as your last game, and for all my victories in the past I was now nothing but “that guy who dressed as Vlox a couple years ago.” I’m all washed up. Why did I even write this battle report? Mophovans (sp?) should be writing this—he’s the one that ended up winning the tournament, I think.


    Round 2: vs. Some Older Dude

    I had to choose between Abua and Taculla, and I chose Abua. He chose my Krusk. Oh boy—Rune Mage time.

    He placed a forward wall, and when the Mirage into Rune Mage play came he didn’t seem disgusted, more so trying to keep up with what my cards did. It didn’t feel good locking this guy up in Rune Mages, but he was being aggressive with Abua anyway, and I ended up assassinating him with a Shaman before the Rune Mage had siphoned its third magic.

    He dropped out of the tournament. C’est la vie.


    The third round my opponent didn’t show up, so I got a bye. What a story, Mark.


    Final round, me vs. Clarissimus. He brought Samurai Jack Ret-Talus and Lego Prince Elien. I went with Ret-Talus. He picked Immortal Elien.

    Fire Drake came out alongside Elut-Bal, and they advanced deep into his territory. Fire Drake was spitting fire at Ret-Talus, whittling him away, and a From the Ashes into Warlock surprised him and dealt some assassinating strikes on the king of the undead.

    I had 5 magic set aside for Laleya, but instead I decided to summon a Harbinger and advance it to a freshly summoned unit next to Ret-Talus. I rolled a 4,2—pay one to bump it up—Harbinger rolls a 3, pay 1 to summon a Burning Skeleton that dealt the last wound to Ret-Talus.


    After the tournament I played a game against Anoir’s Glurblub with my Warden deck. He pushed Glurblub way into my territory, so I summoned Hester and Subjugated 3 commons to boost her attack up to 4. I went 2 for 2 with Hester the previous turn, and 4 for 4 the next turn, meaning curtains for our Glurblub.

    4-1 (What are you doing?! This isn't even a tournament match!)

    So was this the death of Summoner Wars? I don’t think so. Now I’ve got renewed interest in the game, and a thirst to figure out the new summoners that I haven’t played with much. I saw someone using Saturos commons in Selundar, and it all makes me want to play the game and figure out what uncharted territories there are. Like Anoir’s Invaders in Glurblub—there are so many corners of the game to search out and learn that I think the game still has a lot of life left in it. Maybe it won’t have a tournament at GenCon next year, but for what it’s worth I think this game still has a lot of life in it.

    This is that washed up old has-been named “Vlox guy,” signing off after another great year at GenCon.
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