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Thread: A different way of balancing factions on the app

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    Default A different way of balancing factions on the app

    I'm not sure if this has been proposed before, but I would like to know what potential tourney players would think of this - what if, in addition to placing some restrictions on RMs and Etch in non-Rallul decks, each player's champ set had to conform to a hard cost "salary cap", with certain unbalanced champs (Gror, Baldar) having their "value" adjusted?

    Similar to how professional sports leagues do it.

    I use Oldin's units as an example, because Baldar and Gror should be more expensive than they are. You could say that Baldar costs 6 and Gror costs 9, and your max champ cost is 18, meaning you could only use both of them if your third champ was Khan Queso.

    Perhaps if some summoners are still OP, then you can lower their "champ cap" or increase underpowered summoner's "champ cap" to balance it out.

    Please let me know what you think.

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    On app you can balance as follow:
    Each OP champ has a life cost. Ex Baldard costs 2 hp. This HP cost is reduced from summoner HP if the champ is summoned.

    It means if you have played Baldar and Oldin has only 2 HP remaining you have to forfeit the game.
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    Not a bad idea either.

    I wonder what you think that if we did use a champ cap, how high would you want the cap?

    I think you would need to base champ costs on the average champ costs of all starting decks. So for example:

    1. Grognack: 558 = 18
    2. Rallul: 437 = 14
    3. Ret: 567 = 18
    4. Tac: 557 = 17
    5. Vlox: 456 = 15
    6. Mugg: 577 = 19
    7. Krusk: 447 = 15
    8. Oldin: 467 = 17
    9. Elien: 557 = 17
    10. Sneeks: 451 = 10
    11: Sara: 775 = 19
    12: Sundy: 656 = 17
    13: Dema: 8
    14: Selundar: 854 = 17
    15: Abua: 668 = 20
    16: Tundle: 645 = 15

    The most common number looks to be 17.

    so if we valued Gror as a 9, that means that your only other options would be halvor/tordok and Khan Queso. You could also go Baldar/Thorkur/Halvor if you wanted.

    If Grognack has Krung (and Krung was worth 9, as he should be), he would have to have a 5-coster and Khan Queso.

    Does that make weaker decks more competitive?
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