Hello Community. I am working on Demo's and Tournament events in my local area. Orange County NY.
I have sets of Promos to use as prizes but I do not have any Bodgan Mercenaries. I was hoping some people in the community may be able to help me out so I can give Full sets of Promos to the new players that do not have them.

I would appreciate any Help I could get in obtaining Bodgan Mercenaries. If you are in need of any of the other three promos maybe we can also work out and trade.

I know Summoner Wars may be finished as future Additions will not be made to the game. But, this can be a good selling point as new players will know exactly what is available and can decide on exactly what they would like to purchase.

Thanks to those who read this.

PS. if you Live in the Orange County NY area and would like to play a game let me know. I have the whole set sleeved and always ready to play

Here is the Facebook page I make posts to and will use for future events I will be doing.