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    Here after is my understanding of "move" and "be moved" difference.

    TITLE The unit moves The unit is moved
    Move cause - the normal move
    - the unit ability
    - an event ability
    - an other unit ability
    - an event
    Is instead of moving allowed ? YES NO
    Is “Before moving” allowed? YES YES(*)
    Is “When moving” allowed ? YES NO
    Is “After moving” allowed ? YES YES(*)
    Is “May move through” allowed? YES YES
    Does "the unit cannot be moved" blocks this move? YES YES
    Does "the unit cannot move" blocks this move? YES NO

    (*) if
    - the [Before / After] moving ability requires a decision
    - and the unit is moved by opponent,
    “you” is not defined, so the ability is not applicable:
    A Shadow warrior :” Before moving this shadow warrior, you may place it….”
    Moved by magic push.
    “You” is not defined, the ability is not applicable
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    Thanks Batou, this is awesome!

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