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Thread: Real errata--master thread

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    Default Real errata--master thread

    POST 1 OF 2

    Orange=testing started
    Red=testing not started

    Rules Card Supplement
    1. Anti-stalemate. At the beginning of your turn, if the previous player did not attempt to Wound or destroy an enemy card during his/her turn, you may place a Wound Marker on a Wall that he/she controls. If unable, place a Wound Marker on his/her summoner. Deckbuilding. In a custom deckbuild, you cannot include: any copy of a Unit from the Rallul summoner set with a non-Mercenary summoner; or more copies of a Unit than are included in the set that it was released with, except you may include 6 copies of a Faction Symbol mercenary in a deckbuild that Faction Symbol mercenary may be included in. Ice and Vine Walls. Ice and Vine Walls cannot be affected by any card effect an opponent controls.

    Group 1: TG
    2. Upgrade Rules. ...As long as a Unit has an Upgrade under it, it has the Special Ability granted by that Upgrade and is considered to be a Champion Unit only...During a player’s own Event Phase, that player may choose any Upgraded Unit he controls, and place that Unit’s Upgrade into his hand.
    3. Accelerated Construction. + can search your Draw or any Discard Pile for an Upgrade.
    4. Expand. Summon a Common Unit with the ‘Built’ Special Ability without paying its Summon Cost. You may place it adjacent to a Unit with the ‘Built’ Special Ability that you control. During this turn, it has an Attack Value of 2.

    5. Heroic Feat. Choose a Unit you control. During this Attack Phase, add 2 to its Attack Value and if it is a Champion it has no ability.
    7. MD replacement. Runemetal. During this turn, Guild Dwarf Units gain the Bow Symbol. Then, place 2 cards from your Discard Pile onto your Magic Pile.
    8. Baldar. The first time during a turn that an opponent rolls at least 1 Hit and 1 Miss when attacking Baldar, Baldar receives no wounds from that attack.

    9. Hogar. 3AV. Ice Golems you control only receive Wounds from die results of 4+. During your Event Phase, you may summon Ice Golems for 1 Magic Point.
    10. Hailstorm. From each Ice Golem you control, remove all Wound Markers and add 1 to its Attack Value during this turn. You may immediately attack with each Ice Golem you control.

    11. Torgan. During your turn, you may spend 1 Magic Point before your Attack Phase to place a Minor Ice Wall adjacent to Torgan. During your turn, when you add an Ice Wall to the Battlefield, add 1 to the Attack Value of a ranged Tundra Orc Unit.
    12. Ref card. Torgan moved 2 to right. Minor Ice Wall adjacent on right of Torgan. Left Berserker moved adjacent to right of normal wall. Crusher moved two spaces under right Berserker.

    13. Freeze. Choose a non-Summoner Unit on the Battlefield. Until the beginning of your next turn, the chosen Unit cannot attack, move, or use an ability and a Unit attacking it may ignore its own Ability. A player may immediately spend 2 Magic Points to discard this Freeze without effect.

    GROUP 2: JS
    Abua Shi
    14. Abua Shi. At anytime during your turn you may spend 1 Magic Point to choose a Jungle Elf Unit you control and add 1 to its Attack Value during this turn. If it is before your Attack Phase, move it up to 1 space.

    Nikuya Na
    15. Jujugara. 2/7/6.
    16. Spirit of the Cheetah. Choose your Summoner or a Jungle Elf Unit within 2 spaces of your Summoner. Until the end of this turn the chosen Unit gains the following Ability: CHEETAH’S SPEED. When moving this Unit during your Movement Phase, you may move it up to 3 additional spaces. This Unit may not move through Summoners, Champions, or Walls.
    17. Nikuya Na. Sword Symbol.

    18. Greater Blood Summon. During this turn, Shadow Elf Units you control gain the following ability: GREATER BLOOD SUMMON. Once per turn for all Units you control, when you destroy an enemy Unit, you may place a Common Unit from your hand in the space that Unit occupied.
    19. Reference card: moving Saturos to bottom right/moving Saturos to bottom right and moving the farthest right common over 2 spaces to the right to cover Saturos.

    20. Melundak. Once per turn, you may summon a Jungle Shadow Common adjacent to a Unit you control. Until your next turn, Jungle Shadow Common Units you control have no Ability Cost.
    21. Consume in Darkness. Remove up to 1 Wound Marker from a Jungle Shadow Unit you control and place up to 1 Wound Marker on an adjacent Unit. Until the beginning of your next turn, Jungle Shadow Units you control have no Ability Cost.

    Group 3: SC
    22. Rule change: Bloodthirsty doesn’t stack
    23. Scraven. At the end of your Draw Phase, you may move 3 Sand Goblin Common Units you control that are adjacent to Scraven up to 1 space each. At the end of your turn, one at a time, place each Sand Goblin Common Unit not adjacent to Scraven that attacked this turn adjacent to Scraven, if able.
    24. Cyrus. 2/6/5. Add 1 to Cyrus's Attack Value for every 2 Common Units you control.
    25. Dinky. 5AV. Decrease Dinky's Attack Value by 1 for each Common Unit within 3 spaces of Dinky, to a minimum Attack Value of 1.
    26. Starting setup. Move Wraith above middle Hunter.

    27. Krusk. After your Movement Phase, you may spend 2 Magic Points to choose up to 3 Common or Champion Units within 3 spaces of Krusk. Move each chosen Unit up to 1 space. Roll a die for each moved Unit. On a die result 4+, that Unit receives 1 Wound Marker.
    28. Taunt. Choose 1 enemy Common Unit. You may spend 1 Magic Point to choose an additional enemy Common Unit. One at a time, place each chosen Unit adjacent to a Sand Goblin you control within 3 spaces of that chosen Unit.

    29. Marek. Once per turn at the end of your Event Phase, you may: search your Draw Pile for an Event Ability, place it under Marek, and shuffle your Draw Pile; and/or choose a Sand Cloak Unit to gain Marek’s Event Ability until the beginning of your next turn.

    30. Spy. Look at the top 5 cards of an opponent’s Draw Pile. In any order, place 2 cards at the bottom of that opponent’s Draw Pile, 2 on top of that opponent’s Draw Pile, and discard 1 that is not a Champion Unit. Then, move a Cloak Unit you control up to 2 spaces.

    GROUP 4: VV, FK
    Sera Eldwyn
    31. Setup. Sera moved left 1. SA archer moved up 1. Far left and far right GKs removed. Middle GK moved up. New SA archer placed where middle GK originally was. Priest placed to right of new SA.
    32. Holy Judgment. Choose 1 Vanguard Unit with an Attack Value less than 2, or spend a Magic Point and choose up to 3. During this turn, each chosen Unit has an Attack Value of 3 and the Sword Symbol.
    33. Divine Strength. Place this card under a Common Unit you control. When this Unit would be wounded or removed from the Battlefield, discard all cards underneath it. It is not wounded and remains on the Battlefield.

    Samuel Farthen
    B]34.[/B] Samuel Farthen. X of Light. When an opponent rolls to attack a Common Unit you control that is within 2 spaces of Samuel, increase the die result needed to wound that Unit by 1.
    35. Strong Spirits. Until the beginning of your next turn, Woeful Brothers you control gain 2 Life Value and the following ability: LIGHT FOOTED. When an opponent rolls to attack a Unit you control that is within 2 spaces of this Unit, this Unit may switch places with it and be the target of the Attack.

    36.Malenatar. Range symbol. Shock Wave. During any Attack Phase, you may re-roll 1 die of a Mountain Vargath Common Unit that is within 2 spaces of Malenatar. You may discard a card from your hand to instead choose any Mountain Vargath Common Unit you control. Then, move a Unit that is adjacent to that Unit up to 1 space.
    37.Superior Execution. CHOOSE ONE: Once per turn you may play a Superior Execution during your Movement Phase to move up to 2 Common Units that are within 3 spaces of Malenatar up to 2 spaces each. OR: You may play this when an opponent would move or place a Common Unit you control to prevent that card effect.
    38.Setup card. Remove Commander.

    38. MD. Eternal Return. Discard any number of cards from your hand. Then, search a Discard Pile for up to 2 Fallen Kingdom Common Units and place them onto your Magic Pile.
    39. Phantom. This Phantom can move under and out from under Fallen Kingdom Units you control. If that Unit has an Attack Value of 1, all Units you control with the same name have an Attack Value of 2.

    Mad Sirian
    40. ROTF x2 (removing 1 Reanimate). Choose a Fallen Kingdom Common Unit from a Discard Pile and place it adjacent to a card you control. Or when a Unit you control is destroyed, you may place a Fallen Kingdom Common Unit from a Discard Pile in the space the destroyed Unit occupied. You may not play more than 1 Return of the Fallen card per turn.
    41. Mad Sirian. When Mad Sirian wounds an enemy Unit, remove 1 Wound Marker from Mad Sirian if Mad Sirian was wounded this turn or you immediately spend 1 Magic Point.
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    POST 2 OF 2

    Group 5: CF
    42. Sneeks. At the end of your turn, Sneeks may switch places with any Cave Goblin Unit you control. Then, shuffle any number of cards from your hand into your Draw Pile.
    43. Goblin Invincibility: Until your next turn, Cave Goblin Units you control cannot be wounded or affected by card effects an opponent controls.
    44. Setup. Remove bottom left and far right Slinger, remove far right Fighter, place a new Berserker one space up from the removed Fighter.

    The Demagogue
    45. Heretik's Rebuke. Place FL Common from your Discard adjacent to an enemy Common Unit within 3 spaces. Immediately summon a Mutation on the placed Unit.
    46. Mutation rules card. Amount of Mutations + Champs in FL deckbuild must be 10 or less. When Mutation is destroyed as result of summoning new mutation, that mutation and all cards underneath go to controlling player's discard. Mutation cannot be on Battlefield without card underneath it.
    47. Starting setup. Replace one of the commons with Bestial Mutant.

    Little Meda
    48. Look What I Can Do! This card is considered to be a Mutation. When this card would be placed in a Discard Pile, instead place it into its Owner's hand.

    49. Amoeba Mutant. During your Summon or Event Phase, you may choose a discarded Mutation with a Summon Cost up to 3. Place the chosen Mutation onto this Amoeba Mutant. Then, place this Amoeba Mutant into the same pile that the chosen Mutation was in.

    The Warden
    50. The Soul Eater. At the end of your Attack Phase, discard 1 card from your Prison Pile. If you cannot, destroy 1 Common Unit adjacent to The Soul Eater or discard The Soul Eater.
    51. Enlist. Summon a Unit from your Prison Pile. You may summon it adjacent to The Warden. If it is a Mutation, you must summon it on a Common Unit or place a Unit from your Discard Pile under it.
    52. Subjugation. Imprison up to 3 different Filth Common Units from your Discard Pile.
    53. Warden. At the end of your Draw Phase, you may place a Cave Filth Unit in your Prison Pile into your Magic Pile or on an unoccupied space adjacent to The Warden. You may imprison a Common Unit you control within 2 spaces of The Warden.

    GROUP 6: MR
    54. Magic Pulse. Place any number of your hand cards onto your Magic Pile. Add that number to Rallul's Attack Value during this turn, to a maximum of +4.
    55. FOG. Choose up to 1 Wall and 1 Stone Golem. From each chosen card, transfer up to 2 Wounds to an adjacent Unit. No Unit can receive more than 2 Wounds as the result of this card.
    56. Rune Mage. Add 1 to this Unit’s Attack Value if it is within 2 spaces of 1+ Wall with 3 or fewer Life.
    57. Etch. Instead of attacking with Etch, you may add 3 Wounds to an adjacent Wall. Then, place the top card of your Discard Pile onto your Magic Pile.
    58. Turt. Receives Swamp Orc faction symbol.
    - Rallul mercs banned outside of mercs

    59. Undercover Agent. Place this on a clear space within 4 spaces of Farrah. It is a Common Unit with 3 Life Value and the following ability: SMUGGLE. During your Summon Phase, this Unit is a Wall.
    60. Inside Information. Search your Draw Pile and any Discard Piles for up to 3 Common Units, place them into your hand, and shuffle your Draw Pile.
    61. Disguise. Place this card under a Unit. While there, this Unit gains the following ability: COUNTERSPY. This Unit gains enemy Faction Symbols. After it attacks, shuffle its Disguise cards into your Draw Pile.

    Group 7: DB
    62. Tacullu. Once per turn at the end of your Attack Phase, you may choose a Unit within 3 clear straight line spaces of Tacullu and spend a number of Magic Points equal to its Summon Cost to place it into its controller's hand.
    63. MD Replacement. Deja Vu. Choose an opponent. Place up to 2 cards from his Magic Pile onto his Draw Pile. Then place up to 2 cards from your Discard Pile onto your Magic Pile.
    64. Mind Control. You may play this when you destroy an enemy Common Unit with a Summon Cost of 2 or less. That Unit is not destroyed. Remove all Wounds from it and take control of it.
    65. Mimic. When a opponent plays an Event Card and that card is immediately discarded, you may reveal this card. Until the end of your next turn, this card is considered to be that Event Card.

    66. Tundle. Once during each of your Turn Phases, you may ignore a Common Unit's Ability Cost.
    67. Lun. Once per turn, after moving Lun, you may spend 1 Magic Point to place a Common Unit within 4 spaces next to Lun. During this turn, that Unit cannot be wounded or effected by card effects

    68. Endrich. Once per turn when you boost a Unit, you may immediately attack with that Unit.
    69. Boost Rules. Summon Cost of boosted Unit is Unit's Summon Cost + Boost Cost (boosted Deep Dragons can't be Into Darkness'd); Boost Cost isn't considered an Ability Cost (no Illusionary Warrior synergy); and can boost Unit during your Summon and Event Phases.
    70. Starting setup. One of the Gem Priestesses is boosted, left Geopath is moved one space left and one space from the wall.

    - Directors: commandercool and jwalker.
    - Contributors: prometheuslkr, Waterd, Colonel S, EnterMatrix, GeneralRolando, gojaejin, jwalker, KBurg7, lcanela, Marcin, massimo, Nburghardt, orcelfarmyone, owlord, Recna, Robert Srzednicki, Syurtpiutha, Uncleeurope.

    - The goal of this project is equalization, to lower the very top to "strong" and raise the very bottom to at least "balanced." An important guiding principle is minimalism. Feedback is encouraged. Summoners will be nerfed/buffed that were 5.5 and above and 3.5 and below on Lcanela's poll.

    1. Each vassal player must download this file and follow the steps in these instructions [link removed--final version in production].
    2. Open Vassal, then right click the SW module, click "Add Extension," and select the downloaded file;
    3. Open the SW Module. You’ll find the errata under the drop down bar where you select factions--it's listed at the bottom listed as “Errata.”
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    I just read from Nburg that many restrict Rallul's units to Rallul alone. If that's so, then there's the best solution. I'm going to take his word for now and make that the change and streamline the list. I know this limits Glurblub a little bit. Oh well.
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    I want to make it clear that this list IS to be debated and informed by data, including Lcanela's poll and perhaps also Prome's win-loss data list.

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    I think this list may not do enough to Rallul, and yet I've drained all the power from Fury of Godshome that I could without making it useless. Magic Pulse is another huge source of Rallul's power. That's the other possible target. And yet, I'm not sure only one of Fury of Godshome OR Magic Pulse alone could be targeted. Magic Pulse maybe if it were nerfed big time, like 3 cards max.

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    Things I'm not sure about:
    - Magic Pulse may be the Rallul card to target instead of Fury of Godshome. And to push all of the Rallul nerf into that single card. Perhaps limit to as much as 3 or 4 cards.
    - Jujugara. All of the Nikuya Na nerf can be pushed here. I think this is enough, but it might not be.
    - Dinky. That he can't be summoned during Event Phase is a perfect starting place. But must you go further and restrict him to no summon on a Taunt turn?
    - Is Mad Sirian one of the worse summoners? If it's debatable, is there even a negative consequence to making the above adjustment?
    - I think restricting Dema's Mutagist to the above is a perfect starting point. But must we go further and restrict him to 2AV melee?

    The greatest "fat" to trim on this list is probably: (1) Marek; (2) Melundak set-up; (3) Torgan set-up; (4) Return of the Fallen; (5) Abua Shi. The thing is, and I think it depends on difference of philosophies among people...I myself rate summoners depending on surprise and opponent mistakes very low on the power spectrum. Marek, Melundak, Torgan, and Abua Shi all fall into this category. You can maybe lump Sneeks in there, too. If you have a different view, I think you will probably disagree about the power levels of the summoners in this "fat" and think they don't need anything. The thing is, I do believe in the RobertSzrednicki (spelling?) binary of power to beginners and power to masters. These trickster summoners are often perceived very strong to beginners while weaker to masters. I'm not saying that if you think that one of the summoners in this "fat" list is strong, that you're a beginner. BUT, I would say that this group of summoners (besides Sirian) is likely perceived of as stronger by beginners than by "masters." And in this project, it's the power level of a summoner in the master's hands that we care about--the "peak power" with an ideal build in the player that knows how best to play that summoner.

    I'll say this, and I keep coming back to this: what's to be lost by over-including a summoner as either overly powerful or overly weak? If you perceive the summoner as overly powerful and nerf him as a result, then that other summoners still become more competitive to him. He may lose a little bit in comparison to the top top summoners, but remember that those guys, too, are being nerfed. And on the flip-side of it. What's to be lost by over-including a summoner as overly weak? He gets a buff and is more competitive against the rest of the summoners.

    The question isn't whether there will be meta changes. The question is where do we want the meta changes, and how much of a meta change do we want?

    And of course, the problem is this: in the hands of a master or relatively good player, even a bad summoner may seem good. I don't claim to be a master, but I do know that I know a lot about this game, and although I get beaten by the tournament players that I'm still a pretty good player. I remember beating a buddy of mine handily with Torgan (pre-Invaders) everytime I played Torgan even when he played strong defenders like Demagogue. He played Torgan for the first time, gushed about how incredible Torgan's events were, complaining of deck-clog from events, and then was baffled when I crushed him with Shiva the first time I played Shiva. Everyone here knows Torgan's not strong, even with Invaders.
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    I'll say this, too. I think the first order of business is to agree on a small list. Like the list I have above or smaller. And then to work on power-level changes.

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    Also I discarded the original version of this project bc I bloated it. I've analytically separated my minimalist equalization goal with my "fun" goal (i.e. remove CUEs, NPEs, buff useless units, etc.)

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    As I posted in my other thread, I've ordered my second draft of errata cards.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.24.08 PM.jpg

    The cards pictured here are for my "fun" real errata cards project but serve as a draft and are relevant to this project. I will post about these when I receive them. I will also post the cards that I received.

    The problems with the first draft were poor digital image quality, color was darker than plaid had cards, and i chose too high of a quality of card. This time, I used better digital image quality, removed the gloss which contributed to better card quality and I thought maybe to a darker color, and on some of the cards, also lightened them to see if I could match the lightness/darkness of the plaid hat cards that way.

    Otherwise, this company I ordered through produces high-enough quality cards for the cards to be errata.
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    I still lack high-quality images of the following, however:
    (1) DD card back;
    (2) JE card back;
    (3) SG card back.

    On my latest order, I used a higher quality version than I used in my first draft, but I don't yet know if it was good enough. If anyone has a high quality version, please get in contact with me.

    If no one has this, after awhile, I may attempt to contact Plaid Hat.
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