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Thread: Chapter 5: Encounter Brodie with Summon Cat Scroll

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    Question Chapter 5: Encounter Brodie with Summon Cat Scroll

    Hello everbody,

    yesterday my GF and I played chapter 5 (the one where you need to find and defeat Brodie) and failed our first try without even seeing Brodie.

    Then in the second run, we found the Scroll-Card to summon Brodie in the very first room through a normal succesfull search.
    In the second room (the Queen's Chamber) we defeated all enemies and the surge (spider) and then we decided the get in postion to fight Brodie here. So we used the Scroll Card and we played the rest like this:

    1. Lily (done)
    2. Colin (done)
    3. Nez (done)
    4. Tilda (uses the Scroll)

    We took the single Brodie-initiative-card which was in the stack of random bosses (which you need to prepare in this chapter's set-up) and placed it on the bottom of the track:

    1. Lily (done)
    2. Colin (done)
    3. Nez (done)
    4. Tilda (used the Scroll)
    5. Brodie (jumps)

    Then, like the rulebook says when a surge happens with Bosses, we rolled a dice for Brodie's "upper" initiative card (since there was only one, it was automatically the upper) and placed the card 2 positions higher (as we rolled a "2").

    So now the Initiative-track looked like this:
    1. Lily
    2. Colin
    3. Brodie (jumps)
    4. Nez
    5. Tilda (used the Scroll)

    Now that Tilda's turn was done and Brodie was not on the last position anymore, Lily took action. We used her ability to roll with on additional dice and with her presicion bow she managed to hit Brodie with a value of 4 (2x *Bow =4). Brodie couldn't defend all this and since there was only a single of Brodie's-initiative-card on the track the cat was defeated with the very first shot and we won the chapter.

    As i said, this is how we played it. But i can't stop thinking about if this was right or not.

    My Questions are:
    1. Do you always fight against "only" one of Brodie's-initiative-cards in this Chapter, even when Brodie is summoned with the scroll card?
    2. Do you place that card on the last position of the track?
    3. Do you roll a dice to place this card higher afterwards?
    4. Is it even allowed to find the Brodie-summon-scroll in this chapter?
    5. Did we really win ?

    thanks in advance!

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    Default Chapter 5: encounter brodie answers

    Please someone correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure your answers are:

    1. When brodie joins a fight both of his iniative cards are used. There is no time i'm aware of that only one is used.
    2. New iniative cards are only added to the bottom of the track if there are already enemies on the board, unless specificly stated in the story book.
    3. If a two iniative card enemy is added to the bottom of the track, roll a die for the first card, move it that many spaces up the track, place the second card in the last posistion.
    4. If you aren't supposed to be able to find a search card, the game will instruct you to remove it.
    5. Unfortunately not.

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    1. hmm sounds right. I tought that only one of brodie's initiative cards are used in this (and only this) chapter, because of the description in the the set-up.

    2. Really?! The rulebook says that you shuffel the initiative cards "At the beginning of a chapter, and each time a new
    encounter card
    is revealed, initiative order must be established" -> it doesnt say "in a surge" . And later in the surge description: "If there are no chapter-specific surge instructions, follow the surge effect on the face-up encounter card that is on the encounter deck and then discard that card -> i dont reveal a new encounter card, but use the face-up one.

    I dont find sth about how to place the initiative cards of the surge enemies when there are no "old" enemies on the board. And since the surge doest make me reveal a new encounter card, it thought that i dont need to shuffle it.

    3. Yes
    4. Ok, so it was allowed
    5. Yes, I think I will start it again, because i only fought against one of Brodie's cards.

    So you would have played it like this, right?

    1. Lily (done)
    2. Colin (done)
    3. Nez (done)
    4. Tilda (uses the Scroll)

    then -> take both Brodie-cards and shuffle them with the mice-cards for the track, for example:

    1. Nez
    2. Brodie (hunts)
    3. Colin
    4. Brodie (jumps)
    5. Tilda
    6. Lily

    Now my last question: When you shuffled and placed the cards like this, who's turn is it now? Do you start with Position 1 = Nez, or to you continue with the position after Tilda = Lily (since it was her Turn when she called Brodie)?

    Thank you so far!
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