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    Just like Pepe said, there are some times when it would be better not to rate a game too much. Especially when the game isn't well known yet (as in late prototype and the such). If, for example, Colby and 20 of his friends suddenly created accounts on BGG, created the SW's page and all voted 10, then the game wouldn't be seen very well because of this "closed" fanclub.

    It nearly did it with Eclipse, with like 30 Finland guys voting for the game before it was out (they were the playtesters). Luckily enough, the game caught on in the public.

    There are also the flaws in the rating system. I think BGG adds 100 random votes to a new game so its rating doesn't depend solely on the closed group of first voters. However, even with 100 random votes, those 20 can have a big influence, and it can artificially hype a game. If you're a long-time BGG user, you'll notice how those new games always have very high ratings before the game even hits the shelves.

    Plus, on BGG, openly making publicity for a game is dangerous, especially if you look like a newcomer. You have much more credibility on BGG if you have an avatar, 5 non-contest microbadges and the support tags, since all of those prove with a glimpse that you're a long-timer with a probably deeper opinion.

    And last of all: even though BGG is a portal for information, in the end, boardgaming is all about tastes. People might not like some game, so you have to respect that. And in that regard, there can be too much publicity and people will get annoyed by it and turn away from the game because it isn't healthy looking (especially in the relatively small world of boardgaming). They get even more annoyed when it's a kind-of-noob pushing way too much.

    That being said, I did vote for every SW product a long time ago, and I do suggest it on my french forums when I can. Quite a lot of people now enjoy it, but it's not a majority since the mechanics are not that eurogamer-friendly.
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    Nah, it's not random votes, it's an undisclosed formula which it looks that it just adds a lot of 5s to the entry to bring it closer to the mean. And the problem with being a new user and a fan of a certain game is that in the past there have been users like that with the sole purpose to promote a game which is why there is such formula, to prevent abuse and shills. Anyway right now the exposure SumWars have is huge there so what new users might do doesn't matter much now that it's an established game.

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