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Thread: Mice & Mystics First Time Playing Questions

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    Default Mice & Mystics First Time Playing Questions

    1. Do other mice or minions have any effect on ranged attacks. For example if there are, all in a row, Maginos, An empty space, Collin, A Roach and A Rat Warrior. Can Maginos attack the Rat Warrior? Or does Collin stop this happening as he is between the Maginos and the Rat Warrior. If he doesn't does Maginos have to attack the Roach since he is in front of the Rat Warrior? Or can Maginos freely attack either the Rat Warrior?
    2. What is Lure for?
    3. Do you collect cheese when rolling for movement if a cheese is rolled?
    4. When leveling up do you choose any new ability you want that your character can use or randomly select one? - Is it a good idea to just sort all of the abilities into the different classes at the start so it is easier to find abilities for your specific character?
    5. Can you use the Fishhook & Thread to get our of the sewer water?
    6. When moving from land to water with a current do you get pushed down stream after your turn has finished even though you just entered the water?
    7. When finishing a chapter does the damage your character taken carry over?
    8. When I search and get an Item can I play it immediately or do I need to wait until my next turn?

    Thanks in advance for any help answers to these questions.
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