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Thread: Chapter 4 The King's Tunnels Movement Question!!

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    Default Chapter 4 The King's Tunnels Movement Question!!

    Quick few questions:

    Most of my questions about this chapter I have found answers to on this forum which is badass! Just one annoying little issue with the King's Tunnels Tile!

    Prince Collin's group seems to have it pretty easy in this chapter compared to Nez's group in the term of the sheer number of tiles Collin's group has to explore it seems. Now upon looking at how Collin's group has to navigate the King's tunnels and with there being no Fishhook and Thread Search item available am I to understand it that the first mouse to enter the water with a current only has 1 opportunity to successfully role an action symbol with one die in order to get out and avoid being swept off the tile and thus captured?!?!?!

    I guess this is a way to create a balance between the groups seeing as you cannot move against the current and thus "tread water" in a sense......because you couldn't in any previous chapters with water. This is of course assuming the mice don't get captured when they slide to the empty black space but I would think they would.

    I just find that tile very confusing with very little explanation in the chapter walkthrough :-/. HELP! All the rest of it makes sense though admittedly difficult to execute :-/.


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    You could scurry to get one more chance to get out of the water, also the black space is a water space. I always leave one mice behind so if i can't cross at least i get one more die to go back.

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