I'm new on this game, I have a few questions I didn't find aswers for in the FAQ (excuse my english, I'm normally french speeking)

1) In a 3 or 4 players game, if there's a tie to choose the first player, the tied dices a rerolled.
If they both reroll less basic symbols than another player, is this other player the first player?

2) If I begin a round with more than 5 cards in my hand, must I discard?

3) Rules say that a "controlled" card is a card in his battlefield, etc.
Does it mean that an action spell, a reaction spell or a dice power are not "controlled" by their caster?

4) The sea crow (I'm not sure of the english name... Saria's bird...) is protected from spell controled by an opponent.
Is he protected from the extra damages an alteration spell would make a unit deal to him?