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Thread: Hats off to Brath designer and playtesters

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    Default Hats off to Brath designer and playtesters

    Just played today for first time. Fun and best design I think out of the Second Summoners (very close with Malenatar).

    Robust theme that's well-developed:
    - Synergy between commons; synergy between Champ and commons; synergy between Brath and champs and commons; synergy between commons and champs and events.
    - Statlines consistent with DD.
    - abilities consistent with DD.
    - mechanics consistent with but new take on DD.

    First game I played was against Saturos. Won. Second game was a rematch and lost. Drek was awesome. Noa was awesome. Back to the Deep allowed me to resummon Drek after he was heavily wounded. Used Stone Spire maybe 5 times. Stone Spire singlehandedly halted Saturos advance and causes a Shiiq retreat. Didn't get to play Aurora. Obviously could be awesome. Brath's 3AV range is awesome. Prior to playing I thought Brath's ability was kind of boring, but it's excellent. In deckbuilding, the only thing I'd probably do is put in Lun for Aurora and Gem Mages or Deep Dragons for Geomancers who are pretty lame. Gem Archers ended up not being lame and a truly excellent utility common for Gem Golems.

    In terms of design (tight, robust cohesiveness, thematicness) of decks I've played thus far, I'd say
    1. Brath
    2. Malenatar
    3. Scraven
    4. Shiva, Saturos
    6. Farrah
    7. Natazga

    This does give Farrah a bad rap: but Farrah has so much more going on for her and there were obviously a few other purposes with her: helping the bad summoners w/basically what was cleverly a new reinforcement pack built into a summoner. Farrah is also by far the most complicated/challenging deck build experience and maybe the most tactical deck. She still remains my favorite, but she's just not going to be at the top in a list where I define design the way that I have: her goal, again, wasn't necessarily to have tight synergy between her stuff bc she her stuff wasn't solely designed to synergize within her deck. Also, there is a disjointedness to her in that Band Together and Unity reward common play but I'm not sure that those reward common play enough to make you want to invest and cash in on those rewards.

    That said, I'd also like to say that I think all of the decks have very good designs.
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    Thanks man
    I have fond memories of Brath's growth from fledgling to full-grown awesome
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