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    I love tail feathers, and mice and mystics. I just want to say that it makes me sad that we haven't seen more to this game. I realize it probably didn't sell as well as some people may have hoped, and that makes it hard to commit more money to expanding this game. I think that is selling this title short. In my opinion all this game needs is possibly more stable bases to counter top heavy birds, and more importantly increased options for armies. My play group didn't buy their own Heroscape base sets until well into the 3rd wave, Now we each own probably $5000 worth retail cost at minimum. No matter how fun the game maybe, to some the battles seem too repetitive using the same mice vs the same even more limited groups of rats. I was super impressed with the idea to give each bird/pilot multiple cards to increase options, but where is the draw to create your own collection. Where are the fast or ranged rat characters, or some power house mice. Without at least some expansion we'll never know this games true potential.

    I don't mean to be negative, but i feel like since this game doesn't sell like ashes that it was abandoned. I love my plaid hat games board games and continue to support PHG any chance i can. i just feel a bit let down, and I'm very sorry for saying so.

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    I'm with you pal. Unfortunately, they have to make money too. Or they can even go bust (Think of the ET video game by Atari). It was the beginning of then end for them. Game companies video games or not have the tough challenge of entertaining us but also make sure their bills are paid. Who knows maybe in the future they might re-release it as a revised edition or something. There was a board game called Dragon Strike which I hope to this day that they can bring back.

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