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Thread: Scraven v. Maldaria

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    Default Scraven v. Maldaria

    I play Scraven with Silts, Dinky, Barston, SC Hunter, Wraith, and Scholar and get utterly curbstomped against rush-Maldaria. I now agree that I would probably rush Scraven with almost any faction. Drew Dinky too late to turn the tide and shortly thereafter Maldaria summons Hellfire Drake. Was just unable to fend off the rush with the commons I had in combination with Scraven's event set and my build. I just sat back at the end of the game and thought that there was nothing different that I could have done. I think I would play again with both Hunters. (Giving you credit KC: should have listened to you originally about Hunters helping the rush). I am also thinking that either one of Barston and Silts is good, and slotting Biter into the last spot to get more punch. I think with the complications of Scraven's deck, it's really important to have some straightforward units with punch that can also take a few hits.

    There area couple combinations I want to try w/SC Hunter, SG Hunter, and Wraith
    A. Dinky, Barston, Silts
    B. Dinky, Barston, Sand Drake
    C. Dinky, Silts, Sand Drake
    D. Dinky, Barston, Biter
    E. Dinky, Silts, Sand Drake
    F. Dinky, Sand Drake, Biter

    Still not sure about Scraven's power level. I think Natazga more often hits a higher peak than Scraven, but that Scraven is generally more reliable and that Scraven's max potential is higher. I think Malenatar will be better than both. I think Natazga is stronger than Saturos but less reliable and that Saturos has a stronger economy. I think Farrah is generally about the same power level as Scraven but with a much lower peak. No thoughts on Little Meda, Brath, and Shiva.
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    Give Bauble a try Seriously, with a couple of scholars in the deck he can really help to stall a rush into your territory.
    Also, Wraiths are key - in fact, they are critical IMO. Use them as walls while you re-organise your defenses behind them. Precise is obviously useless against them too - which is nice
    I even put Tark in as a means of slowing the enemy (he's great in the end game as well) Once the Hunter spam gets going the tide can turn pretty quickly - with 3av SC Hunters murdering things every turn then retreating behind Wraith walls
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    I have to agree with Prelate in regards to Bauble. For me, I think Bauble and Biter (Kreep also works well Sand Blast, but personally, I don't like relying on card draw that much; the odds of getting 1 of the 3 EAs and Kreep in the hand are slim) are the main guys you need to get a successful Scraven Hunter deck going. They can easily stall off/fight off that early rush. Bauble can be very annoying with Scholars and works well with all Scraven's EAs; while Biter is a monster for the cost and if you are playing lots of commons/Bauble, you need to keep cost down.
    I really don't get the Dinky love in Scraven's deck. Yes, Dinky is strong, but I actually favor other champs over him in Scraven decks; he seems to counter what Scraven does best. Personally, I would look to Cyrus or even Tark for that final slot. Silts also works but he is a bit expensive for my taste.

    For commons outside of Hunters/Scholars, I would either look at Wraiths, Shaman, or Javelineers. Wraiths can be a nice stopping gap, but the fact that they vanish to the discard pile after they attack makes it so they can't use Esteemed Leader much & hurts their ability to lessen the threat of the rush. While Shamans can attack with 2AV at range making them great for hit and run moves but lack the survivability. For that reason I like Javelineers, they can attack and then act as a shield to Scraven with their 2 health/immunity to range. That said, their 1AV does hurt, but at least they can ping/stall the early game until the deck really starts going with hunter hordes.

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    Thanks for the guidance guys, really helpful.

    I'll go:
    - Bauble, Biter, Sand Wyrm/Cyrus
    - Hunter SC and SG, Javs, and Scholar

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