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Thread: Virtual tournament- Offensive vs Defense, Original rules

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    Default Virtual tournament- Offensive vs Defense, Original rules

    This morning with my friend with came with an idea to test the offense vs defense, create a virtual tournament, as ou see im spending too much time on SW.

    here is thea idea, I will create a 8 Summoner tournamnet of SW 4 Offensive summoners of the new and 4 the old powerhouses of the old.
    They will all play in a double elimination 8 man tournament.

    But who is gonna pilot the summoners? Me vs others, I will find people between my friends or people on vassal, to play each match, we are gonna play 2 games, switching sides. If any game results in 2-0 The winner passes to the next round. If the match ends 1-1, then I will replay it vs the same player or others. Yes this can go indefinitly.

    I think it would give a screenshot of how is the current Offense vs Defense metagame.

    Here are the 4 choosen summoners:
    For defense:

    For offense:

    I did create a challonge for them.
    I will also play the Defense vs defense and offense vs offense matchups.

    All games first player will be randomized , built decks, No mercenaries, And Lun and Haku are banned.
    The only rule is stalemate rule, if a player do not attack an opponent card a turn, it must place a wound on the standard wall with the highest wall left.

    Contact me if you want to participate in any of the matches, i can accept if you only want to represent one side of the match instead of both.
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    Respectfully, Waterd, not sure that this is the best time for this tournament: the people with the old decks will be at huge experiential advantage so results will be skewed for defense. I am also convinced defense is best, though not sure if that will still be case with new summoners, but think this experiment, at this time, is flawed for the reason i mention.

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    You could argue new decks have advantage because people donīt know how to counter them yet.
    inf act it has been argued many times in positional strategy games, that offensive favors the beginners. Since generally proper defense is harder to do than proper offense. This has been somewhat true in Summoner wars , and is part of the reasona lot of people think offense is good.
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    I'd love to play or at least convince to play one of the fellow players that uses vassal now and then and is probably slightly better at SW than I am. I'll let you know asap.

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    Ah, but what do you actually mean by that:
    Contact me if you want to participate in any of the matches
    ? Playing or anything else?

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    playing, you have to play both sides of the match though, once time on each side.

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    Results of today games vs Ale, tomorrow there is gonna be group reunion in my house, but generally that means no SW, but will see.

    Tundle beats Natazga 2-0

    Kynder, Sprog, Piclo, 5 Gem mage, 5x Battle mage, 4x Scholar
    Troll for piclo, 3x Deep dragon for 2 Scholar and one batlemage

    Tortu, Prong, Miti, 3x Swamp archer, 5x Skull taker, 2x Barboon, 2x Savager, 2x Swamp beast
    2x Swordsman for 2 Swamp beast.

    The first game Natazga starts and it can put a skull taker on my wall which instantly produces a wall. this game was long and complicated.
    Important points of the game.
    Sprong was ok, but not as good as i expected him in this matchup.
    My kynder died before tortu and tortu was the lsat Natazga champion, at that point natazga didnt have muhc more left. Kynder came out to counter prong, prong doesnīt like kynder.
    Tundle was left in one life.
    Piclo was dissapointing, dying too quick.

    On the end it was a long attrition war, despite Natazga tried to assasinate tundle, with the help of prong, a martyr scholar and piclo, I survived, and managed to win the attrition war.
    Illusionary warrior the barboon that 3/3 tundle was helpfull. I assumed it doesnt gain +1 attack when i illusion warrior him tough.

    The next game we did some changes, i felt the swamp beast wasnīt a great plan in part of natazga and decided to bring some cheaps swordsman, other than that I felt i was good.

    Ale trolled me and switched Piclo for deep troll, I thought the deep dragon change was smart tough.

    Game 2 Is where Natazga reality check hit me. Tundle started and quickly covered his wall.
    I did place quick forward walls and target my own wall for walls, but despite this was a long game i never manage to put tundle in danger.

    Some things i learned:
    I canīt play turt and maybe not prong vs Tundle, Kynder destroys them.
    The troll actually was annoying, Ale used the a2 wall house with troll and its door and there was nothing i could actually do.

    If natazga canīt get a wall on the first turn on your wall, she feels really poor, she is quite good when it does tough. I think this matchup slightly favor Natazga when she starts but is a big advantage to tundle when She doesnīt.

    Tundle wins 2-0

    Maldaria vs Saturos:

    Maldaria: Holleas, Fire drake, Duke - 5x Firebeast, 3x Fire archer, 2x Changeling, 3x Fire dancer

    Saturos: Shiiq, Gargos, Maleek - 4x Vindicator, 6x Blood drake, 2x Shaman, 2x Shadow warrior

    I started as a madlaria, and honestly had an easy first game, the first fire dancer is very very annoying for saturos, but i did a search the houns first turn, and burn it all but a fire drake in hand. Second turn turn i pulled a fire drake. I never got a lava flow but with the 2nd turn fire drake + walls + fire dancer, i could just poke + protect Maldaria easily, and there was never a moment of risk.

    No changes for both decks I take control of saturos. I know i canīt just rush maldaria, and an early shiiq + 2 revenges in my hand hand clogs my hand a little, i try to build some combo with greater blood summon, but Maldaria gets both walls quite early + the fire dancer, it was a fortress.
    I really didnīt know what could i do about it, but summoned some commons to start slowly pounding walls, maldaria didnīt bother much and ventuall came a drake, i couldnt just poke against a drake.

    I decided to build some big hand Abua vs Ellien style.
    I eventually do a reckles charge wtih gargos and Shiiq on fire drake that left him dizzy, but get countered by wrath of the volcano, duke and archer with passion of the phoexni which explode gargos and left shiiq almost dead. Shiiq finishes drake and a new summoned maelna finishes shiiq. Duke and malena hurt by revengs are left in the field
    Sautors and malenak come riding it and get overwhelmed by fire dancer and fire beasts.

    Maldaria wins 2-0

    Tacullu vs Frick 4-2
    Lem, Sorgwen, Gulldune -4x Controller, 3x Mind witch, 3x Parasite, 4x Deciever
    Owl replacing lem after first game.

    Mook, Dibs, Smeege - 2x Taskmater, 5x oaf, 2x Wall climber, 2x Clinger, 2x Runt

    too many games, i will say that the 2 games frick won. One was just dumb i was tacullu and frick got everything , first turn Wall Join the horde, double oaf, then second turn another join the horde wiht taskmaster + oaf and horde of babble,s and basically everything, I was overwhelm and lost.
    I actually think that if i had anything but lem, I could just with stand, but Lem came out and attacked a oaf and did 2 damage....yes, i got 3 wound, an boosted the oaf, which just hit for 2 damage Lem, and lem couldnīt attack next turn because he would die and open a spot to reach tacullu.

    The other one, also while ale playing tacullu. He did left a spot open with tacully, and join the horde brings a task master wich push a oaf with 1 wound to two and iwth a throw rocks gets in range of tacullu, and shoots 5/6 and kill it.

    The rest of the games, where pretty loopsided, with Tacullu mind controlling oafs and protecting controller. Owl even gained magic several times across the games.

    I thik if tacullu has mercenaries + Haku, this matchup is extremly loopsided. But I think the result reflects well the matchup as it is.

    We left Malenatar vs rallul for other day.
    honestly If Malenatar loses, I think im dropping hte tournament, the matches arenīt really fun and mostly loopsided.

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    I played Malenatar vs Rallul, With dario.

    I won both games as malenatar and Rallul., I think the difference between dario and me is too big still. What I will say though is that im droping this tournament. I just have fun testing, but not fun testing this matchups with original rules, the games are extremly loopsided and I donīt need more convincing to myself that even wtih the new summoenrs, defensive summoenrs are still the superior ones.

    I will stop playing non avan outside the app. Before retiring from non avan though, I want to play little meda, brath and shiva. , after i do that, I will post my tier list on non avan, and be done with it forever.

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    Just a small thing - I hope that Kynder wasn't moving Turt around a lot? I'm pretty sure you know he can only move Turt one space? I though Turt was great versus Kynder for that very reason....because Turt can move straight back and hit whichever wall he was hitting before. (unless you put a unit in the way - which could indeed be a problem)
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    The problem is that you can move turt inside the vine walls. I did move turn 2 spaces, if the ruling ist that it can only be moved up once, the rules are completly anti intuitive. It says Turt canīt move more than one space per turn, not that it cant be moved only one space.

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