I wanted to see about this matchup.

I start with Saturos with Ale Marek: Here are the lineups

Marek: Sand wyrm, Bitter, Bauble - 4x Shaman, 4x Slayer, 4x Renegade, 2x Schoolar.
Saturos: Shiiq, Gargos, Melek - 4x Vindicator, 6x Blood drake, 4x Shadow warrior.

This were 2 fast games, i donīt remember much, except they were short extremly quickly, I Just walked over marek, without she being able to do much, i mix up a little both games because they were similar, i just wall crowded, summon drakes killing their commons and putting so much pressure on marke that she barely was able to do much.

We decide to switch sides, and I decide to change the build of Marek

Sand wyrm, Bitter, Admiral - 4x Shaman, 5x Bruiser, 2x Schoolar, 3x Renegade.

Bruisers worked quite well and the first game I win, once i manage to get an early bitter, to hold off which becomes supported by an admiral and then a Bruiser, getting 2 walls and bitter + bruisers fast was very good, I did hold off for a while and eventually i did control the game and win.

The second game I thought I was gonna win again, there is a very im running into a corner with Marek and Saturos pressure with vindicators and blood drakes, and a Sandwyrm blitz kill 2 commons and i kill two other commons with luck. however there is an opening, and greater blood sommon, + Relentess advance, + MElek + Blood drake hit that turn, melek gets near marek, and sautors kill a shaman protecting marek and place a blood drake, hits 5 dice out of 6, and the game is over.

The third game i built a quick fortress with marek on the left, Saturos played very calmly, and eventually trap saturos with a Sand wyrm, Saturos instead of trying to kill the sand wyrm with relentss advance, Shiiq and gargos go forward and do a lot of damage, I try 7 dice on Saturos and hit only 3. Saturos donīt forgive and next turn Gargos do the combo of hitting 3, moving apart, and let saturos hit for 3 on marek,, marek had 3 life left, and its overkill.

Saturos win 4-1

At first I thought he matchup would be impossible. But Now I think with the right build Marek can hold off. Maybe i need to Add Kreep. Bruisers are essential. I thik is still saturos 6-4. Sadly i think with magic walls this can go to 7-3. But maybe Im wrong, saturos rarely attack walls, so its maybe 1 or 2 magic difference.