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Thread: Natazga vs Scraven

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    Default Natazga vs Scraven

    I played 2 games vs jyoder, where i notice that if Natazga starts, scraven needs to draw a wall in the next 10 cards, or basically lose.
    When natazga starts, it just puts 2 skull takers near scraven walls, if just one hits, its a vine wall , you only have 1 summoing spot left. 0 if both hit.

    Scraven turn, canīt summon anything and has all 1 av units or a 2 av units that dies, imagine you sacrifice the wraith and kil the skull taker, you wound the other skull taker. But no chances of getting that wall off, ok so next turn he can just summon another creatre that targets your wall and crets another wall.

    The whole point is that the initial wall will never have an available spot to summon. so if you dont get a wall in the next 10 cards (to be able to have a summoning spot by your third turn) you have to play without summoning units (in a common based deck) and 1av units.

    Long story short, if natazga starts and hit a wall with 2 av on the firs tturn, and you dont get a wall on the next 10 cards, you are pretty much done.

    i remember where people were worried in some matchueps with sluggish wall if a player wouldnt draw a wall on the first 20 cards, they may practically lose the game, and was a big reason to consider sluggish walls unnaceptable. I hope to see some torches about this now.
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    I was thinking what other summoners may have problems vs Natazga starting, and actually most other summoners seem to have the tools, either the wall its not on reach of both skull takers, they have many events to hold off until a new wall arrives (hopefully you donīt get those walls on the bottom!) or have enough AV to actually clean up relativly easy.
    The only other summoner that may have as serious trouble is Vlox. He has magic drain and assasinate to try to slow it down, but itīs super low AV is going to be a problem i think.

    Personally I think Natazga starting setup should have never allowed Natazga to place 2 skull takers on first turn near your walls.

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