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    Oldin sagged in his chair and struggled to resist letting out a deep sigh. What was he even doing here? And how had it come to this? His thoughts strayed to the royal line of Dwarven kings, their names etched in rock in the rooms of the royal archives, a long, proud line who led their people for centuries through good times and bad. Would his name be the last? Was it bad luck? Weak leadership? Or maybe the inevitability of time, like the wind that slowly wore down a great mountain until nothing but an unimpressive pile of sand remained?

    " . . . and if your lordship should wish to see the results of our efforts, we have prepared a demonstration of the fruits of our partnership."

    The voice of Jexik broke through Oldin's morose and depressing train of thought. He looked up, and saw that those assembled were waiting for his response. He wanted to shout, "This is all a waste of time!" The previous alliance with the Tundra Orcs had not gone well. True, they had retaken several key fortresses from the Cave Goblins, but then again, Goblins were rubbish at defending fortifications. And perhaps their early successes were due as much to the Goblin empire being swallowed up by the Filth from its flanks. In any case, there was little time to celebrate their victories, as a brutally punishing assault from the undead Fallen Phoenix subsequently erased those gains and more. It was only by agreeing to sever their relationship with the Tundra Orcs that Prince Elien broke off his campaign, and even then much tribute of gold and other wealth was required to satiate the undead Elf's greedy appetite. Unfortunately, Grognack took it as an insult and a betrayal, and before long the beleaguered Guild Dwarves were fighting yet another enemy.

    Now his captains and chief men were calling for another alliance, this time with the renegade Human faction known as the Cloaks. Since when did Guild Dwarves need the help of the lesser races? Why couldn't they go it alone, just like they always had in the past?

    Oldin noticed that Jexik and the other dwarves were still looking at him, waiting for a reply. The Guilds are doomed, he thought. Our glory is long past. Our people are in decline. Would it really befit such a once-strong nation to tie its fate to a struggling band of outlaws and refugees? Then he looked at the faces of those who awaited his word. Young dwarves, all of them. Most of Oldin's commanders, his veteran leaders, his trusted and beloved friends lay peacefully in their tombs or, worse still, unburied beneath a cold and brooding sky, their bones picked of flesh by birds and wild animals, but here -- not one in Oldin's presence was more than eighty or ninety years old. Hope shone from their bright eyes, their skin not yet wrinkled, their beards not yet graying. The human was young also, waiting in respectful silence. Humans were a clever lot, too scheming and conniving for their old good, but this one was gentle and humble as well as intelligent and quick witted.

    The old king rose slowly from his seat, at last releasing the deep sigh that had been pent up for so long. "Very well, then. Show us what you've built."

    Jexik led Oldin and the other dwarves down a long set of carved stone steps, deeper into the heart of the mountain. As the group wended their way down and in, familiar sounds greeted their ears. Muffled at first, but growing steadily more perceptible were the clang of steel on anvil, the hiss of hot metal being plunged into water, and the voices of men and dwarves. Arriving at the bottom, the cloak Summoner began explaining the contents of various rooms on both sides of a long, wide hallway.

    "We have many artificial men prepared for battle here." Jexik gestured to the stout warriors that lined the halls. "We call them Automatons. Entirely constructed from stone and metal, and unaffected by almost every kind of magic."

    Oldin paused to look at them. Fashioned in the likeness of dwarves, they seemed no more than statues to him. Could such beings really move and fight? He stood gazing in wonder for a moment, then realized the rest of the group was continuing without him. He hurried to catch up. Now Jexik's voice was raised to a shout to be heard over the din all around them.

    "The combination of Cloak ingenuity and Dwarven engineering has proved most valuable. Ho there, Vlox, how it's coming?"

    The other Cloak summoner emerged from beneath a large siege engine, wiping black grease from his hands. "Good to see you again, friend. I was just installing the machine's power source." He winked knowingly at Jexik. It was obvious what the power source was.

    They were now standing in an enormous hall with several large vehicles and contraptions round about, although none as large or impressive as the one that Vlox had been working on. Oldin stopped to marvel at the sight. It looked like a large, armored, box, with two sets of wheels beneath it, each set of wheels being surrounded by a sturdy belt, the belts being made of interlocking teeth. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to find an old friend.

    "Bolvi, you old rascal, I suppose this is your doing!"

    Bolvi grinned and bowed. "Nay, my king, the Cloaks here have been directing the work. I only try to stay out of the way."

    "Your lordship," Vlox addressed Oldin, "would you care to see the control room inside?"

    Oldin nodded enthusiastically.

    Vlox took him up a series of short wooden planks that functioned as stairs and opened a small hatch. Between Vlox's height and Oldin's girth there was some difficulty in entering but at last both were inside. Oldin found himself seated on a small stool inside a cramped little room. A dizzying array of levers, switches, gears, and knobs were before him, and Vlox showed him how to pull down a small tube from the ceiling, in which an ingeniously designed series of mirrors allowed Oldin to see outside the vehicle.

    Jexik, Bolvi and the other waited outside in tense anticipation. Finally, Vlox and Oldin emerged, the latter with a broad smile on his tired, old face.

    "Lads, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

    "Then you approve, sire?" Bolvi asked.

    "It's splendid," grinned Oldin. "Absolutely marvelous. The only question now is: who is going to drive it?"
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    The Siege Tank, Summoner of the Guild Cloaks
    1 attack, 9 life, bow symbol
    Siege Engine
    Your Summoner cannot attack if it was moved this turn. When attacking with your Summoner, you may attack from up to 5 clear straight line spaces away. When attacking a Wall Card with your Summoner, add 2 to the Attack Value of your Summoner during that attack.

    Rules Card: Pilots
    Some events of the Guild Cloaks are Pilots. When playing a Pilot Event, place that Pilot card under your Summoner. Your Summoner and all common Guild Cloaks units you control will gain an ability as long as that Pilot card is under your Summoner. If there is already a Pilot card under Summoner when playing a Pilot Event, first place that Pilot card back into your hand. If your Summoner ever receives 1 or more wound markers, you must immediately remove any Pilot card from under your Summoner and discard it.


    Pilot: Grungor (x1)
    As long as this Pilot card is under your Summoner, your Summoner and all common Guild Cloak units you control gain the following ability:

    When moving this Unit during your Movement Phase, you may move it up to 2 additional spaces. This Unit cannot attack on a turn that it used Charge.

    Pilot: Halvor (x1)
    As long as this Pilot card is under your Summoner, your Summoner and all common Guild Cloak units you control gain the following ability:

    Before attacking with this Unit, you may add to up to 2 wound markers to this card. Add 1 to this Unit's Attack Value until the end of your turn for each Wound Marker added in this way.

    Pilot: Dwaf (x1)
    As long as this Pilot card is under your Summoner, your Summoner and all common Guild Cloak units you control gain the following ability:

    When this Unit attacks a Wall Card, add 2 to that units Attack Value during that Attack.

    Pilot: Dagger (x1)
    As long as this Pilot card is under your Summoner, your Summoner and all common Guild Cloak units you control gain the following ability:

    When this Unit attacks an enemy Unit, if this Unit is closer to the back row of your opponent's side of the battlefield than the Unit it is attacking, add 2 to its Attack Value during that attack.

    Pilot: Violet (x1)
    As long as this Pilot card is under your Summoner, your Summoner and all common Guild Cloak units you control gain the following ability:

    This Unit may attack through other Units. All Units between this Unit and the Unit being attacked are affected by the attack.

    Pilot: Kyra (x1)
    As long as this Pilot card is under your Summoner, your Summoner and all common Guild Cloak units you control gain the following ability:

    Once per turn, when this Unit is targeted for an attack, before dice are rolled, you may pay 1 Magic to move this Unit 1 space.

    Next Pilot Up (x2)
    Search your draw pile or your discard pile for any Event, then add it to your hand. If you searched your draw pile, shuffle it.

    Emergency Repairs (x1)
    Discard any number of Events from your hand. For each Event that was discard, remove 1 Wound Marker from your Summoner.


    1 attack, 2 life, sword symbol for 1 magic
    This Automaton cannot be affected by any card effect an opponent controls.

    Designed by Vlox's Cloaks and constructed by Bolvi's Dwarves, these metal men are immune to fear, disease, poison, and many other harmful magics.

    1 attack, 1 life, bow symbol for 1 magic
    If this Spy is on your opponent's side of the board, instead of attacking, you may draw the top card of that opponent's draw pile. If you do, you may place the card either on the top or the bottom of that opponent's draw pile.

    A Cloak Spy is not only a stealthy fighter and master of disguise, she is also well-trained in the art of collecting useful information and using that information to foil the plans of the enemies of the Cloaks.

    Stone Guard
    2 attack, 2 life, sword symbol for 2 magic
    Stone Shield
    If this Stone Guard is attacked while adjacent to a Wall Card, if any Miss results are rolled, you may place a wound marker on that Wall Card for every Miss result rolled.

    They were the last line of defense of the Guild Dwarves. Only in the direst of emergencies were these warriors to be called into battle. Oldin has decreed their necessity on the front, and so they have come, bearing magical shields of stone. Enemies who attack the Stone Guard often shriek in frustration as the swings of their weapons are redirected to their own walls.


    The Demolisher
    4 attack, 6 life, sword symbol for 4 magic
    Battering Ram
    When attacking with The Demolisher, if the target of the attack is not a Wall Card, only die results of 6 or higher are considered Hits.

    Most creatures of Itharia have enough mobility to get out of the way when a giant bronze-capped log comes hurtling toward them. Walls are not so lucky.

    The Catapult
    2 attack, 4 life, bow symbol for 5 magic
    Instead of attacking with The Catapult, you may pay 1 Magic to choose a friendly common Unit adjacent to The Catapult. If you do, place that Unit on an empty space within 3 spaces of The Catapult.

    Dwarven engineers have been using catapults for a long time, but when the Cloaks discovered parachutes, all kinds of new uses were made manifest.

    The Vacuum Engine
    0 attack, 6 life, sword symbol for 5 magic
    Instead of attacking with The Vacuum Engine, you may pay 1 Magic to choose a common Unit within 2 spaces of The Vacuum Engine. Place that Unit adjacent to The Vacuum Engine.

    "If you hear the giant sucking sound, it's already too late." -- Words of advice from the lone survivor of an attack by the Guild Cloaks
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    It's great to see you've finally completed all eight alliances. I've been a fan since the beginning, and I'd love to see how they play on vassal sometime. [I know there's a custom card creator if you ever wanted to make that happen.]

    That said, I think the fact that pilots give abilities to every unit would make certain cloak units a little nuts. Snipers with whirling blade would be absolutely nuts. Renegades with structural analysis could throw six dice at a wall every turn.

    I love the catapult though, catapulting thieves into the enemy camp seems hilarious.

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    Love the stone shield idea same on the catapult, esp. the description, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skydragon222 View Post
    I think the fact that pilots give abilities to every unit would make certain cloak units a little nuts. Snipers with whirling blade would be absolutely nuts. Renegades with structural analysis could throw six dice at a wall every turn.
    Yeah some of the combos are a little crazy, but remember they are pretty hard to pull off. It's not like Guild Cloaks can take any Pilot any turn, you either have to draw into it or use up one of two "Next Pilot Up" events, and if you are using "Next Pilot Up" to pull from your draw pile you lose the ability to get something from discard. Siege Tank has a lot of life but note that any time it takes damage the current Pilot goes to the discard pile. Snipers with whirling blade are very strong, but all you have to do is ping the Summoner and that combo is dead. I think someone who sits back and plays the waiting game against this deck would get blasted to pieces by some strong anti-wall and assassination combos.

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