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Thread: Little Meda deckbuilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irisches Glueck View Post
    For me, ideally, I would say you should run 2 of each 0 cost filth commons. The thought is that most of the time, you will be mutating them anyways, however giving your deck a degree of unpredictability is still valuable. So with two of each, you are getting a standard close-combat unit, I gambling unit, a standard range unit, and a movement hindering unit. Honestly, the only variant I would run from the standard 2z/2h/2c/2d is a 2z/2h/1c/3d cause it still keeps the number of melee & range the same while still having some variety; the 2z/2h/1c/3d set just has more ways to deal with mobile/assassination enemies.
    That is pretty brilliant, and I think I may adopt it.

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    Springy is my third favourite, after Amoeba and Gas-Filled. His stats are the best and its pretty easy to make it so your opponent can't use his ability in any useful way.
    In addition, you can shoot him in the back yourself to push him further into enemy territory for an attack that they didn't see coming.

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    Does anyone have any Meda strategy?
    - Are you playing her offensively or defensively?
    - When are her win conditions? Early, middle, or end?
    - Is she weaker early than Dema?
    - How are you successfully setting up Daddy Doesn't Like You turns?
    - Are you able to use all of your Daddy Doesn't Like Yous?
    - Is the x2 Daddy I'm Scared to move Meda really far a thing?
    - Is assassination Meda a thing?
    - Obviously, Meda has a strong end gmae with Amoeba and Meda's ability.
    - Soak up to 2 early wounds with meda when you have Nanny so that you can later heal meda with daddy loves you.
    - Are you building I Want A New Toys? Are you using them in an assassination Meda?

    As for deckbuild:
    - Obvious to me that Grubs and Amoeba are necessary
    - Barbed and Tentacle make sense to deal with rushes
    - Tusk and Winged make sense with Taskmaster, and both are solid all around
    - Corpulent only makes sense to me for some kind of big "fatty gambit" turn.
    - Poison makes sense to me with Medas range and the events
    - Drool seems good with Daddy Doesn't Like You
    - Bloodspray seems good to try to protect Meda (obviously a little inconsitent)
    - Void only makes sense to me in an assassination deck
    - Not a fan of the Deathseeker bc they're so hard to use

    This is my deck right now
    Tentacle, Drool, Poison, Tusk, Bloodspray, Winged, Amoeba
    x2 Taskmaster, x6 Zealot, x2 Deathseeker
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    My standard Meda looks like this:

    Her Sairook
    Absorption Amoeba Bone Edible Incanter Spew Spellsucker
    3xAnointed 6xDeathseeker

    Obviously, based upon slowly winning the magic war, with early and consistent sniping against another turtle. Absorption is iffy, but there are some games he really saves. Deathseeker is fine for a sniping deck (I'm daring the rush anyway) and >Cultist to smack a rusher with an Incanter/commons placement even if my magic is low.

    I want Amoeba and Spellsucker out early, so IWaNTs are often getting played.

    DDLY are more up to the opponent's decisions. Sometimes at least one gets built when my turtling/magic dominance is enough and there's no push toward Meda.

    Get out your cast of characters, suck up CUEs, and be patient.

    No, she's not weaker early than Dema. She has 10+ life. If the cards come out right, the likes of Saturos or Glurblub can brutalize Dema, but Meda will outlast with her 100% amazing cards.

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