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    Alright fellow pilots, Tail Feathers needs a little zing in its forums. I was thinking about hosting a customs contest but I want to get everyone's thoughts about the idea. It would a scheduled event open to everyone, with the possibility of prizes (brainstorming needed on that part) The biggest question would be who would be actually want to participate and what kind of custom content are we talking about here. Units, terrain, scenarios, etc? Let the discussion begin!

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    I could go with a custom contest (as long as it's not painting-LOL). I do enjoy writing and trying to come up with different things.
    one of the advantages to the MM/TF setting is the ability to use "cardstock cutouts" for all the overlays, so designing special terrain is a simple matter of a PDF Matte.
    as for Units, well, that's a little more difficult as people might have to draw on outside sources of miniature (goodness knows I have a ton of Reaper Mouseling miniatures that would work though).
    Scenarios, now that could make for some real fun though. but to make the "scenario" contest a long term thing, put limits on it, thus leaving a door open for future contests. in example; for this contest give everyone a set of conditions/key words that must be part of the scenario. i.e. "Ballista, No Nests & Pinecones." the submitted scenario must have those 3 things in them. just an idea.
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