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Thread: I am going to GenCon ONLY to buy SeaFall. Help!!!

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    Default I am going to GenCon ONLY to buy SeaFall. Help!!!

    I am strongly considering attending GenCon next Thursday, just to try to pick up SeaFall. I am curious as to what you think my "chances" of obtaining a copy might be? I know I will need to get my badge ordered and paid for ASAP and get there early enough that I can get it picked up and be ready/"in line" for when the doors open. (I am also interested in how early everyone thinks I should be there, waiting at the doors to the vendor hall? Other than the obvious "as early as possible". I am interested in something more useful like 1 hours prior, 2 hours prior, etc.) In previous years (I have attended the last two Gen Cons), I have been able to "wiggle" my way pretty close to one of the doors (it helps when you are by yourself), while waiting for the hall to open... As for "strategy".. it seems like my best option would be to get as close to a door as possible, regardless of how close that door is to the actual Plaid Hat booth, since the quicker I get in the hall, the quicker I can Also, there aren't that many doors anyway. As long as I enter through one of the actual "vendor hall" doors, I don't think it will make that much difference as far as the distance to the Plaid Hat booth. I suppose the biggest factor in all this is how many copies will be available for purchase and will they all be available Thursday, or is Plaid Hat going to hold some back for each day?

    Any help or advice is MUCH appreciated, since picking up SeaFall would be my MAIN reason for attending Gen Con!

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    The PHG guys stated in Podcast 210 that they expected to have 140 copies of Seafall at GenCon. I have no idea if that has changed.
    At past Cons, there have been no copies held back for other days--they simply start selling until they are gone.

    While I do not encourage any sprints through the hall, or crushing around the booth, I DO think it is a good idea to safely make your way to PHG as quickly as you can at open on Thursday. Seafall is very likely to sell out quickly, and if you don't go directly there, the odds of getting one are low.

    I'd definitely get there at least one hour before the doors open...maybe two. That is assuming you've got your Badge stuff all taken care of.
    That said--if you ARE at the entry doors at open, and you walk quickly to PHG you've got a very good chance of getting in line and getting a copy.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm NOT a PHG employee, but merely a humble booth worker.


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    I suggest arriving hours early so you are right by the closest entry door to the booth and go directly there. Once they are gone, they are gone.
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    I DO think it is a good idea to safely make your way to PHG as quickly as you can at open on Thursday.

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    So I left Tennesee around midnight and arrived at the convention center around 6:30 (eastern). Will call was a breeze. I got my badge in 10 minutes. I proceeded to the entrance directly in front of PHG. I could actually see the banner all morning (from 7:00-10:00) as I was the first person at the first door. I has the most direct route to the booth and all morning I had little doubt that I wouldn't be able to get a copy. When they let us in at 10 I "jogged" to the booth. A kid behind me ran and he was the first to the booth. I was the second. Although, I could tell from the look on his face that it was all for nothing. Yup. They sold out completely before any of us Muggles even got there. I suspect the other exhibitors, press and "VIGs" bought them all up. I already see one on eBay. I am headed back to TN as I write this, determined to order all my future "releases" from CoolStuff (and save a boat load of money) and stick to the "gaming" cons in the future, especially Origins and Dice Tower Con.

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