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Thread: when does the game end with main objective completion???

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    Default when does the game end with main objective completion???

    Question: When the main objective is completed during a player's turns does the game end then and there immediately, or do you wait until that rounds "check main objective" in the colony phase and then on it being completed end the game then??

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    Check main objective step in the colony phase is when it ends
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    it's always possible that the objective might not be completed somehow.
    consider the Main Objective HOME SWEET HOME.
    "Victory: there are at least 10 barricades at the colony and 1 barricade at each non-colony location"
    now if the players combine to build barricades everywhere, they could build all they need.
    but then when the Add Zombies (#4) step comes up, you could have an Overrun and loose a barricade.
    thus, when Check Main Objective (#5) comes up, they might not have the necessary barricades.
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