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Thread: Expansion Decks First Five

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    Default Expansion Decks First Five

    For people like me who just play the pre-constructed decks, is there going to be something that tells me what 'First Five' I should use? I have Brennen and Rin but nothing on their boxes tell me what ther 'First Fives' are.
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    Here's what I grabbed for Brennan first time I played him.
    Fire Archer
    Summon Dread Wraith
    Blood Chains
    Chant of the dead
    Blackcloud Ninja

    It worked really well!
    Chant of the dead + Spirit Burn on the Fire Archer gets the ball rolling in a huge number of ways: Extra dice for later, wounds on the other Phoenixborn, a Fire archer in the discard for the ceremonial dice power etc
    Dread Wraith = A huge heafty blocker, who can be sacrificed with Blood Chains to render any enemy unit useless for ever (I dumped 6 exhaustion tokens on a Frost Golem that had 2 alteration spells - needless to say, it did nothing all game)
    Blackcloud Ninja helps shut down your opponent’s spell-board early on, and kill the unit summoned from it more likely than not!!
    I found that with this first 5 I was able to shut down my opponent very quickly early on.
    (Edit - Dread Wraith doesn't fuel Chant of The Dead)
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    Destroying Dread Wraith doesn't fuel Chant of the Dead. That only works when Allies die. The fire Archer design though.

    For Rin maybe:
    Frostback Bear
    Ice Golem
    Frost Fang
    Crystal Shield
    Rins Fury

    Shield on the frost fang. Ice buff the golem. Fury makes sure you have enough dice and gives u frog pings.
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