We had our first Organized Play Constructed Tournament at Beyond the Board in Columbus this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. We had four players turn out. The PB spread was two Saria, a Lulu, and a Maeoni build.

Round 1:
Saria constructed vs Saria precon - This match was the first mill v mill that I had seen and it was a nail biter. It ended up going to time and came out a draw.
Lulu (OMG Lulu) vs Maeoni constructed - I did not catch very much of the match I was standing at the other end of the table, but this ended up a Lulu victory.

Round 2:
Saria constructed v OMG Lulu - This was a pretty good match. It was pretty close with Lulu doing some damage but ultimately falling due to draw damage.
Saria precon vs Maeoni constructed - Again I was on the other side of the table to stay out of the way of spectators, but I did see some 9pt snakes at one point! Maeoni fell to the Saria mill in this round also.

Round 3:
OMG Lulu vs Saria precon - Lulu redeemed herself in the final round by taking out the precon mill.
Saria constructed vs Maeoni constructed - Maeoni had another rough time with this version of Saria and unfortunately ended at 0-3.

As a side note as the TO, a big thanks to the AshesRules slack channel for helping me clarify a few things and a huge thanks to Beyond the Board for hosting our event. All four have expressed interest in making this a regular event and we hope to have another play session next month and I think we may have picked up a few players who were spectating and a few more have said they will try to make the next event.

2016-06-11 20.42.33.jpg