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Thread: Farrah Oathbreaker deckbuilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by killercactus View Post
    Agreed. I laughed out loud and called him a moron when I heard that. I'm not sure there's a more strategic deck out there.

    Though, he didn't like VV either. Guess he and I just don't mix.
    He also didn't think Drek was particularly great......
    And yes, Farrah has a ton of ways to mess with you - can't wait to play her more!
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    Man, smh--Drek immediately seemed quite good to me. I'm guessing he's a more casual SW player.

    Back to the Farrah puzzle:
    - Etch + Architects seems great. The only question is whether the Architects aren't needed bc Farrah gets enough economy elsewhere.

    Farrah's stats alone are definitely subpar, so she's behind there.
    - But she does have Augurs, so for basically the cost of 6 additional Magic, she has 9 health.
    - I think if she doesn't get her magic engine going and is left to battle with few Units left in the end game she's extremely weak bc of her base stats and not likely to get that AV up at that point in the game. I'd guess she's strongest mid-game, and if she gets a magic engine going then, she's pretty strong end-game.
    - Her splashiness puts her behind in terms of stability. Seer is the most obvious. But it seems harder to play both the Seer and Etch here. But maybe not because Band Together can do major damage to Champs. The Seer is also an action initiator, even if used on yourself, bc the larger Farrah's hand gets, the better she gets bc it helps overcome her splashiness. And then Heavy Knights are basically mini champs, so can max those and then throw in some other heavy commons.
    - Getting the most out of Band Together. Slasher seems a must. Other potential options (looking for Units that can attack multiple times, that get AV boosts for hitting on rolls, that are cheap, or that can move through Units): Renegades, Blade Master, Hyena, Gorilla, Cultist (FP), Vampire, Elephant, Guardian (Precise!), Bomber, Swordsman (SE), Vindicator, Hunter (SE), Warrior Angel, Swordsman (SM), Cherubim.

    - Getting the most out of Changeling economy: Breaker, Savager, Rune Smith, Lioneer, Gem Mage, Controller. This informs the way you deckbuild non-Merc Units. For my build (Seer and Etch) I like Savagers and Gem Mage. Lioneer is not a good trade unless you'll win the game bc you lose 2 cards when Unit dies. I guess I'd build at least one Lioneer into deck. Controllers could be solid (maybe even for band together) to protect Farrah after swinging w/her big sword, but I don't see Farrah as having good hero-ball game. So I think I'd go 2 Savagers, 2 Gem Mage (3 of these over Savager bc I'm not summoning Savager except with Changeling and I can bite bullet and summon Gem Mage in a pinch. So I'd probably go 2 Savager and 2 Gem Mage. But I also want 2x unit that is cheap, a good Changeling target, and helps w/Band Together by being good at surroundability. The one I see that's best is Vampire. So 2 Savager, 2 Gem Mage, and 2 Vampire.

    - The question of whether it's better to splash or not w/non-Merc Units if you build non-Merc Units: i.e. one of a lot of things or 3x of each. Changeling makes it not matter that much. Can just build all the Units and then go through Discard to get them if you need them.
    - Getting most out of Augur economy: using them to take wounds on Farrah is good, but also using on Warlock and Demon Hands is a good trade. Warlocks is pretty good.

    So after my analysis/further reflection, I have:
    - Etch (action initiator and magic engine)
    - Seer (action initiator and solving some of the splash problems)
    - Hulgorad/Urick (need one big champ that can take hits and dish them) I think I like Urick more for ability to bat into combos; Duggle is probably good with Band Together; but I need that beef champ for end game. I could see Duggle possibly replacing Etch or Seer later on. I could maybe see Khan Carne/Queso being good to lay down UA and II.
    - 3 Heavy Knight (functions as mini champ); also, having a little less AV matters less bc of Band Together
    - 3 Augur (save to take hits on Farrah: that's their best value)
    - 3 Changeling
    - 2 Vampire (can block for Farrah in a pinch, but real purpose is for surroundability for Band Together; don't have to worry about building bc get magic discounts with Changeling; also, can last for a long time bc can hide behind Units/walls with Bat Flight)
    - 2 Savager (serves a mini champ in a pinch; but real goal is to build and then summon with Changeling for magic discount and then keep positioned next to Rune Smith)
    - 2 Gem Mage (can block for Farrah in a pinch; only need 2 bc they can last for a long time wGem Magic if you keep hiding behind wall; also a good Changeling target)
    - 3 Rune Smith (do so many excellent things for Farrah: Magic Engine; get Changelings back; can be built and then brought back on top of Changeling for magic discount)

    Only thing I'm not sure about is how I'm going to lay down Undercover Agent and Inside Information.

    Cool thing I noticed: summon of Naan'Nashi+Preserve gives you back the Unit that was underneath. I wonder if this can ever be a decent play.

    I'm looking at Farrah's setup and not sure what to do. Augur, Changeling, Rune Smith are all Units you want to preserve. I guess Augur is the most expendable, so if you can only protect two, you protect the Changeling and Rune Smith. If you can only protect 1, in my build, I'm not sure which. I guess I'd have to say Rune Smith, bc more breaks down without the Rune Smith than it does breakdown without the Changeling: also, bc you can recycle Changelings with Rune Smith Preserve.

    As for the Heavy Knight: do you move across the board, hoping you get that early UA or II play? Or do you draw back? I think I risk it for that early UA and/or II play everytime and see if I can take a Unit or 2 with me.

    I'd say weak point in this Farrah deck is early game. And I'd say you want to go for her walls (I know how dumb that sounds, but when I play this deck, I'm going to just want to turtle).
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    @Waterd: it's a shame that you've foresworn Farrah, bc I think you would enjoy the puzzle. Would be interested to see your analysis. Why not instead play but burn all Undercover Agents?

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    I wonder what the aggro Farrah deck looks like. I think she has much more tools for defense, tbh.

    I think it must look something like this:
    - Mingle, Lukestor, Seer/Etch
    - 4 Rune Mage, 3 Ice Golem (lock), 2 Guild Smith, 2 Changeling, 1 Augur (setup), 3 Heavy Knight, 1 Lioneer, 1 Elephant, 1 Warrior Angel

    But maybe 3 Augurs and 3 Warlocks w/3 Ice Golems.

    The only thing I'm sure of:
    (1) Rune Mages
    (2) 3 Ice Golems
    (3) 3 Units that can move far/through (Lioneer, Elephant, Warrior Angel, Cherubim, Vampire)

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    v2 Farrah Aggro
    Lukestor, Etch (for own walls): with your Rune Mages, opponent probably has to focus on going after RMs than Etch on your own walls, Kogar
    x3 Rune Mage, x3 Ice Golem, x3 Guardian Knight (protect Rune Mages and Lukestor: hopefully between burning opponent's cards, II and IA, they won't really be able to summon champs), x3 Changeling, x1 Augur, x2 Heavy Knight, x3 Rune Smith

    Just realized that the Rune Mage can be invincible with Undercover Agent. So, yeah. Obviously hard to set up, but with GKs, can be helped. Any aggro build has to focus on that. And Lukestor synergizes well with GKs, too.

    Re: maximizing Band Together value. If you have just 1 faction symbol Unit adjacent, you get +1AV. Probably not worth it. If you have just 1 faction symbol adjacent but 2 units adjacent, that's +2 AV in this build. So unless you really need to get a Unit off the board, or are in dire straits, wait to play Band Together when you get in the least a +1 AV boost to 2 Units.
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    Wow, I have been really sold on The Seer. I totally have been ignoring him for so long because I just felt like he got overshadowed by so many champions in Rallul's deck, and I really felt like he wasn't worth taking a slot from any other Faction's champions.

    @commandercool: You have 6 Rune Mages in your list?
    Oh no.

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    That's right! Forgot the x3 rule for a moment

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    I've been playing Farrah as my main wrecking ball in the deck. She has many cheap commons to ensure she always has 5 attack, and I let her run the board to the ground.
    I like:
    Grubs, Etch, Urick
    x3 Rune Smith, x3 Changeling, x3 Auger, x1 Heavy Knight, x3 Honor Guards, x2 Slashers, x1 Hyena, x2 Rune Mage

    This deck was addicting. I included Etch because I really like to use Rune Smiths and Changelings to allow me to constantly revive Augers in games where things get too crazy. Since Augers are discarded as well, they should always be available for that sweet "heal".
    Honor Guards and Grubs pretty much do the job you can guess: If you are fighting with your Summoner, they need some cover.

    If the game goes smoothly, you can crowd walls with Farrah and crumble them quickly, or brutally defend Rune Mages.

    The Auger recycling is a bit too expensive, but that's why I ramped down all the units costs to 0 to make for a very interesting "Swarm" deck.
    Oh no.

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    Have you tried Renegades? They seem to be great at both Band Together and covering Farrah. Or Kogar to immobilize a common if Farrah is unable to kill it? Or Brutes and Urick for double knock arounds?
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    How about this trick: Disguise under IG; summon Changeling of IG; Summon Rune Mage via Changeling; drain magic.

    Re: heroball w/Farrah. 2 issues I think: (1) you need to be able to protect her; (2) you need to get her AV high (easier if commons are cheap). So you're looking for commons that can ideally do both. Or you're looking for champs that can fulfill one or the other role to supplement commons

    Protective and cheap commons
    - Guardian Knight
    - PE warrior
    - Gem Mage (via Changeling)
    - Renegade
    - Vampire (via Changeling)
    - Controller (via Changeling)
    - Deceiver
    - Siren
    - Fighter (in the sense that you get more attacks)
    - Shaman (SG)
    - Defender (GD)
    - Deathseeker
    - Fireling

    You can divide the types of protection these guys offer as:
    (1) immobilize Units (Defender, Deceiver, Deathseeker). Deathseeker and Defender stop all Units and doesn't stop attacks; Deceiver only stops commons but stops attacks. Defender is the best of these. Also Deathseeker can't be used itself as a blocker bc it disappears.
    (2) Redirect attacks away from summoner (GK).
    (3) absorb damage to summoner (Augur)
    (4) Throw themselves in front of summoner (Shaman, Controller, PE Warrior, Gem Mage, Renegade, Vampire). PE Warrior, Vampire, Renegade are the best at this.
    (5) Move summoner (Controller)
    (6) Move Unit away from Summoner (Controller; Siren).

    At the same time, you want Units that: (1) you come out ahead if you use Changeling to summoner; (2) Units that work well w/Band Together; (3) units at lowest cost possible so you can easily get Farrah's AV up.

    (1) might be impossible with this goal. Siren seems essential to pull something you're unable to kill with Farrah's sword away from Farrah. And then you want to be able to put a Unit in between that unit you've pulled away and Farrah. Vampire isn't that super cheap cost, but it is maybe best at this; the other best (at cheap cost) is the PE Warrior (but you already have Changelings, so that doesn't really help with Unity or Band Together, but for that matter, neither does the Vampire. I guess I'd probably go with Renegade bc they can also move during the attack phase and gets a different Faction Symbol on the table.

    So in types of protection that gives Farrah: (1) Augurs (absorbing damage that Summoner takes); (2) Renegade (can cover Farrah after attack; (3) Siren (move Unit away from Farrah).

    The only place these commons can't get to is between walls. I guess I would maybe drop each Unit count of them down to 2 and then add 2 Gem Mages (Changeling target, Band Together and Unity target; only reason I make exception for cheap cost bc fills other roles and I don't anticipate needed to block between a wall very often) that can do that. So far then we have Augurs, Renegades, Sirens, and Gem Mages as protectors. I would have chosen Vampire bc a less costly blockly but I anticipate always having an Augur on the battlefield.

    And then I'll just throw in 3 Lurker for cheap beef and an additional Faction Symbol

    Bodgan stinks, no.

    As for cover champs, they're somewhat redundant, but somewhat not bc they have more help. This is Duggle and Grubs.

    I think Kogar and Urick take the last two slots bc they're altogether different types. Kogar is an immobilizer and can prevent common from hitting Farrah. Urick can be a proactive protector (batting something into Farrah's sword, w/enough wounds that Farrah's sure to kill it) or defensive (batting something away that Farrah's unable to kill, if he doesn't kill it himself). So that leaves Duggle and Grubs. I like Duggle's reach more, and this deck can use that, so Duggle it is, besides Duggle can really wreck w/Band Together (if non-faction symbol mercs get attack bonus).

    So we have

    3 Augur
    3 Siren (good for band together!)
    2 Renegade (good for band together!)
    2 Swamp Rat (good for band together!)
    3 Changeling
    2 Rune Smith
    2 HK
    3 Lurker

    EDIT: decided I need 1 more HK as a STOUT blocker and 1 less Rune Smith in this deck. Also remembered the Swamp Rat and swapped it in for the Gem Mage.
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