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Thread: 2nd Summoners (last 8) - Excitement Ranking

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    Default 2nd Summoners (last 8) - Excitement Ranking

    Easy question time! Now that the final 8 second summoners have been previewed, how would you rank them in order of your personal 'interest/excitement' level?

    I just put in my preorder and had to make the hard decision of which few summoners to purchase. Here is my current ranking of which summoners I am most excited about, from most to least.

    1) Malenatar
    2) Brath
    3) Scraven
    4) Farrah
    5) Shiva
    6) Natazga
    7) Saturos
    8) Little Meda

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    1. Scraven/Farrah
    3. Saturos
    4. Natazga/Malenatar/Brath
    7. Shiva
    8. Little Meda
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    1. Malenatar (My first SW game was me playing Sunderved versus my friend as Ret-Talus. I won with a Quen Chain Lightning rush, and I've loved the goatmen ever since. I'm excited both for Malenatar and for how awesome his commons are going to be in my next Sunderved deck.)
    2. Scraven (I love the feel of this deck - and come on, aren't we all itching to try out both Dinky and Cyrus?)
    3. Natazga (Playing the Android app, my favorite Summoner has been Mugglug - I can't wait to beat on my opponent with living vine walls)
    4. Saturos (On the app, I've learned how to play a slow game with lots of turtling, but at heart I'm a rushdown player, and Saturos's deck was born to assassinate.)
    5. Farrah (So much deck building potential here that I haven't even had time to digest it, but just the base deck is still going to be fun to play with all the shenanigans of Farrah's crazy events.)
    6. Brath (The base deck looks fun, but I'm really looking forward to surprising an opponent with a 6 AV Gem Mage.)
    7. Shiva (Not the kind of deck I usually play, but Shifters alone are worth the price of admission, and I'll enjoy trying to adapt my play-style to fit Shiva's deck theme.)
    8. Little Meda (Some of her mutations look super fun, but the Filth are probably my least played faction - still, I'm looking forward to the frustration that Nanny and the Amoeba will cause.)

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    Here's my list:

    1: Scraven, Brath and Shiva
    4: Farrah Oathbreaker
    5: Saturos and Malenatar
    7: Natazga
    8: Little Meda

    Hoping to be able to preorder the bundle this week, since I can't afford to miss out on such a discount!
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    I've ordered the bundle, so I'm gonna play all of them the very evening I can put my hands on them (I'm organizing an open'n'play evening with a couple of friends), but my list is:

    1. Saturos -> an offesive deck that can assassinate or simply rush, I'm all in for that
    2. Scraven -> dragon, dinky e bombers. Strong or not there's no difference o me, it seems super funny
    3. Malentar -> love the goats, but I was starting to get bored by them, this new blood is very welcome
    4. Little Meda -> I'm very curious to try her style of play, it's very different from dema
    5. Brath -> I'm not really a fan of DD, but I appreciate that this base deck could hold his on without necessarily merge with Tundle's units or give hime more firepower
    6. Natazga -> I alaways found SO kind of boring, I hope she will change my mind about that
    7. Shiva -> she is strong, no argues about that, but she's a bender and I really hate the faction, in our games they see the fied very rarely. I'll give her a chance, thogh.
    8. Farrah -> I really like her units, but I don't like HER for many reasons, first of wich is the fact I dont't deckbuild mercs with other factions. I have to say that the idea to put faction symbols on the mercs is good and limits the problem of broken combos, but I still prefer in-faction reinforcement.

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    Just to say - I love all the new decks - so putting them in order is really tough! (except for my beloved Shadow Elves!)

    1. Saturos - Hands down the coolest deck in Summoner Wars. Unbridled aggression, fantastic (and original) abilities and events, great art, dark theme - my kind of deck!
    2. Shiva - The ability to mess up others' plans has increased ten-fold - plus the puppet theme is just brilliant.
    3/4. Scraven - His ability is classic Sand Goblin, his events are classic Sand Goblin, his units are classic Sand Goblin....oh, and he has a giant.....
    4/3. Brath - The whole 'Mother Gem' theme is pure Deep Dwarf. The interaction of the events, Gem Golems and champs is cohesive and clean, and was a joy to test.
    5. Natazga - I never used to be a fan of swamp orcs, but this deck has changed that! Ground-breaking events that are super fun to play, and a good reason to wack walls.
    6. Malenatar - The goats have never been one of my favourites (too much simple smashing) but this deck adds so many new tactics, mechanics, themes and options!
    7. Farrah - Although I don't like mercs, the new units are excellent, and the theme is a nice twist to Summoner Wars lore - plus it's another deck that can mess with people!
    8. Little Meda - I'm not a big filth fan (though they are growing/mutating on me) but Meda's whole mechanic is original, and her mutants and event set are thematic and fun.
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    Man, Little Meda is getting like, zero love. She's near the top of my list.

    1) Farrah
    2) Little Meda
    3) Saturos
    4) Shiva
    5) Scraven
    6) Malenatar
    7) Brath
    8) Natazga
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    Based on my experience:

    1. Shiva - See my avatar. SHE IS FUN!
    2. Little Meda - Events are unique and fun to position around to maximize use.
    3. Scraven - He has many tricks and a more stable Maldaria.
    4. Malenatar - Synergical Commons plus in your face goatfist. Love the discard mechanic.
    5. Natazga - Alternate way of making VWs and around equal power level to Muggs.
    6. Saturos - Brute force your opponent into submission.
    7. Farrah - A bit texty but lots of potential with deckbuilding.
    8. Brath - Someone has to be last.
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    Hard for me to pick, I think this is my favorite "set" of summoners in SW.
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    Farrah - I love the spy mechanic
    Scraven - Scraven works well with my playstyle
    Little Meda - She is hard to play but is fun with the flux of the game
    Shiva - I like being a puppeteer
    Malenatar - Not my playstyle but there is a lot to do
    Saturos - Very straightforward. After enough games I get bored with it
    Natazga - It just that, if I am playing with vine walls, I prefer making vine forts vs her deep striking vines
    Brath - To swingy for me. I either crush or get crushed with her

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