As some of you may know, I'm into Summoner Wars, and I figured it's about time I get into a second Plaid Hat-published game. So after months of seeing it mentioned around the Plaid Hat Games website, and researching it around the Interweb (not to mention falling in love with Fernanda Suarez's gorgeous artwork), I've secured my own copy of the Ashes base game alongside some extra Summoner Wars decks I was missing, all of which should arrive by mid-June.

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE this game so much, even though I have yet to actually play it. The rules, the characters, the aforementioned's just there even a word to describe it? It's...perfectuous! Amazerrific! Some third portmanteau! I'm not yet sure what kind of playstyle would suit me, but in terms of character personality and design, I really like Maeoni, Aradel and Rin the best out of the initial ten, whereas Jessa, Noah and Brennen aren't quite my cup of tea; by reasoning of deduction, I guess that means I'd prefer Phoenixborn who use natural magic, and generally dislike the ones that focus on ceremonial magic during the game's (hopefully long) lifespan.

I was hoping to order both The Frostfell Giants and The Children of Blackcloud, plus Dimona and Lulu, at the same time as I preorder the rest of the Second Summoners (I live outside the US in a part of the world known as "Other", so it makes sense to do a larger order to save on postage fees), but one of them is sold out, so I may need to wait for another time to get Rin (yay) and Brennen (meh). Still, I hope to have oodles of fun with the base game, and I look forward to previews of the Charm and Illusion Phoenixborn!