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    A steady drizzle fell from a gray sky. The dusty earth soaked in the rain. Frogs splashed in the growing puddles, and small songbirds hunted for emerging earthworms. The two figures on the road, however, paid the rain no heed.

    The elves walked steadily, their bodies obscured by long cloaks, their faces hidden under deep hoods. But more effective concealment was provided by the eerie, shadowy aura that lay about them. It was as if they were hiding in plain sight; had another sentient observer been there, he would have scarcely noticed them.

    The taller of the two elves finally stopped and let out a sigh. "Here, I must leave you," he said in what was almost a raspy whisper.

    The smaller elf nodded beneath her hood. "That voice," she thought. "It was once full of vigor and energy. Now observe how strained it has become, how the Summoner Wars have taken their toll on his strength. Or was it the stone? This small piece of what was once a god -- had the burden of bearing it for seven long years worn him down?" She considered the similar object that she now bore herself. "Will the same thing happen to me? Does it now begin to sap my life force away? Am I really prepared to take up such a responsibility?"

    As if he could read her thoughts, the taller elf smiled reassuringly. "Taliya, I long knew this day would come. You have proven yourself worthy in the trials. Out of all my protegees, you were always the most promising. You hold the key to save our people, and perhaps all of Itharia." He sensed that she was trembling. Was it from fear, or excitement? Perhaps both. "I have no doubt that you will succeed where so many others have failed. Your training with Rallul has given you knowledge of the Walls that is beyond any of our people, even beyond my own."

    The smaller elf answered in a voice that sounded confident but bore a hint of sadness. "I am not afraid of the dangers that lie before me. Only . . . . that I may never see you again."

    "I cannot see the future," the taller elf answered, "but I sense that our paths will meet again. Your new allies are strong. Your power will not fail you. And once you have completed your task, you'll know where to find me." The smaller elf allowed a single tear to moisten her cheek. "I'm always just behind you, in the Shadows."

    The taller elf faded from sight. A distant rumble of thunder shook the sky. His companion remained for a moment, deep in thought. Then, composing herself, she reached into her cloak and retrieved the summoning stone. A bright flash of light came from the stone, and there standing before her were two curious figures.

    The first was a human. He had the appearance of an old man, wrinkled in face and gray in beard, but his eyes sparkled with youth and energy. He was dressed in an unassuming brown tunic, and he leaned upon a staff from which hung a large hour glass. Within the glass sand sparkled and swirled as if disturbed by an unseen hand.

    The second was a Salien, a large frog-like humanoid. It wore a pair of short green trousers, and sheathed in its belt were two wicked-looking long knives.

    "Report," the elf barked curtly.

    "Rallul has given his consent," the old man replied. "He agrees with your master that hunting down the Oathbreaker is of primary importance."

    "You never were very good at lying, Hronas." The elf winked at him playfully.

    "On the contrary, dear Taliya," the old man rebutted, sounding offended. "I am an excellent liar, but you underestimate your own powers of perception."

    "It matters not," croaked the Salien. "You have proven a true and loyal friend, and a capable commander and strategist. We are prepared to follow wherever you lead."

    A nervous smile played about the elf's lips. "Since I count you as friends, I will let you in on a little secret. We are not going to kill Farrah. Well, maybe if she gets in our way. But our primary mission is far more important. . . ."

    Taliya, Summoner of the Shadow Mercenaries
    2 attack, 5 life, bow symbol
    Greater Return Spirit
    At the end of your turn, you may choose 1 Common Unit that is within 2 clear sight spaces of your Summoner. Remove all Wound Markers from the chosen Unit and place it into its controller's hand. If there were cards under or on top of that Unit, discard those cards.


    Wall of Hindrance (x1)
    Place this card under any Wall. All Units that begin their Movement Phase adjacent to this Wall gain the SLOW ability until the end of the turn.

    If this Unit moves more than one space during your Movement Phase, it cannot attack during that turn.

    Wall of Weakness (x1)
    Place this card under any Wall. All Units adjacent to this Wall during their Attack Phase must subtract 1 from each die rolled when attacking.

    Wall of Portals (x1)
    Place this card under any Wall. All players, during their respective Summoning Phases, may summon Units with 0 Summon Cost adjacent to this Wall.

    Wall of Reach (x1)
    Place this card under any Wall. All Units with the Bow Symbol adjacent to this Wall during their Attack Phase may attack cards that are up to 4 clear straight line spaces away.

    Wall of Ferocity (x1)
    Place this card under any Wall. All Common Units adjacent to this Wall during their Attack Phase gain the SWIFT STRIKE ability.

    Swift Strike
    Once per turn, after attacking with this Unit, you may immediately attack again with this Unit one additional time.

    Summoning Block (x2)
    Until the beginning of your next turn, no player may summon units during the Summoning Phase.

    Return to Godshome (x1)
    Remove all Wound Markers from all Walls. Destroy all Walls with two or fewer health. All remaining Walls are returned to their controlling players' hands. Any event cards under or on top of the Walls are discarded.

    Return Greater Spirit (x1)
    Choose 1 Common or Champion Unit that is adjacent to your Summoner. Remove all Wound Markers from the chosen Unit and place it into it's controller hand. If there were cards under or on top of that Unit, discard those cards.


    2 attack, 1 life, sword symbol for 1 magic
    During your Movement Phase, instead of moving this Cawblade normally, you may choose a Common enemy Unit with 1 or more Wound Markers on it. Place this Cawblade adjacent to the chosen Unit.

    "Caw! Caw! To the blood, to the feast, caw, to the prey! Gather, swarm, peck, claw, caw! caw! caw!"

    1 attack, 2 life, bow symbol for 2 magic
    When a player summons a Unit during the Summon Phase, if the Unit would be placed adjacent to a Wall to which one or more Disruptors is also adjacent, that player must play 1 additional magic.

    One school of Rune Mages has progressed beyond mere siphoning of magic to mastery of a complicated antiresonance technique. The subject wall is made to vibrate at a magical anti-pattern against the attempted summoning, so that the summoning process requires much more effort.

    1 attack, 1 life, bow symbol for 0 magic
    Unstable Shadows
    When an opponent's Unit moves adjacent to this Specter, roll a die. On a roll of 4 or higher, that Unit receives 1 wound. On a roll of 3 or lower, discard this Specter.

    When a summoning goes awry, shadowy strands are left floating in the ether. Taliya gathers these strands and forms them into volatile beings which lash out unpredictably against those who disturb their already fragmented peace.


    2 attack, 5 life, bow symbol for 5 magic
    Greater Blink
    When moving, Hronas may move 3 spaces, including diagonally and through other cards, but must end his movement on an unoccupied space.

    Hronas is a master of time magic, and no one knows for sure how long he has practiced it. The old man always defers questions about his age, although once someone heard him refer to Magos as "that young pup." By slowing the passage of time around him, Hronas can nimbly walk past any defenses.

    2 attack, 4 life, sword symbol for 4 magic
    Greater Leap
    Instead of moving normally with Ribbers, you may move him up to 4 spaces in a straight line. When using Greater Leap, Ribbers may move through other cards, but must end his movement on an unoccupied space.

    No one in Taliya's band knows the true name of their Salien champion, but Ribbers doesn't seem to mind when people call him that, so they go right on doing it. They probably couldn't pronounce his real name anyway.

    3 attack, 4 life, sword symbol for 5 magic
    When attacking with Zeyt, if the target of the attack is a Common or a Champion adjacent to no Units controlled by an opponent, place 2 Wound Markers for each Hit result rolled.

    Zeyt is one of the more sadistic and cruel Shadow Elves. For Taliya, he represents a troubling aspect of her people's past that she would rather not encourage. Nevertheless, she cannot argue with the effectiveness of his techniques. Exploiting and amplifying his victims' fear and loneliness, Zeyt's strikes inflict even more injury on those without nearby friends to embolden them.
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    Really liking the Wall events - adds even more strategy to wall placement, which I think is usually one of the more neglected strategic considerations in SW. Having them as persistent events also helps alleviate the hand clog issue that would otherwise occur with having so many events with only one copy. I like Zeyt for his anti-champ potential as well - factions that send out a lone champ without commons around it have to potentially eat 6 wounds.

    I'm thinking Ribbers could probably be bumped up to 5 life. Greater Blink on Hronas and Rider on Melek are both +0 abilities by the SCCF, so I'd think Greater Leap is also a +0.

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    Isolate is a little poorly phrased. Is it supposed to be if he's not adjacent to any units from his own side, or from his opponent's side?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammer Guy View Post
    Isolate is a little poorly phrased. Is it supposed to be if he's not adjacent to any units from his own side, or from his opponent's side?
    You are asking the wrong question. When a card says "opponent" it refers to the player, the human who is playing Summoner Wars. Cards and units do not have opponents; players have opponents. This is already a consistent rule for Summoner Wars cards; the word "opponent" always refers to a player, not to a card.

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