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    Stories tell of a group of refugee Benders, fleeing the destruction of their city by undead forces. Traumatized by the shocking slaughter of their follow citizens by the dread armies of Ret-Talus, these emigres traveled far to the West, where they encountered a band of Jungle Elves. After overcoming the initial distrust, the two parties found they had a common goal: to enjoy a simple life, undisturbed by the outside world and the chaos of the Summoner Wars. Settling down on the banks of a secluded lagoon, they devoted themselves to dance and song, friendship and harmony, and the planting and tending of what they called "Peace Trees."

    But the stories only tell half the truth. These Jungle Benders, as they came to be known, developed ambitious goals. Mustering all their magical energies, they established a certain tree, and lashed a summoning stone to the new sapling. As the tree grew its bark enveloped the stone until it was wholly incorporated into the tree's trunk. They hoped this tree would protect their sacred grove and keep them safe from outside influences. The tree, however, had other plans. Awakening to consciousness, the tree found it a simple matter to direct the wills of the elves and humans who dwelt around it. Animals and birds of the forest also found themselves under its influence. And as the tree grew larger and stronger, its lust for power grew insatiable . . .

    The Guardian Tree, Summoner of the Jungle Benders
    0 attack, 9 life, sword symbol
    Tree of Destiny
    The Guardian Tree starts with 6 wound markers and cannot move. At the beginning of your turn, if there are no wound markers on The Guardian Tree, destroy the enemy summoner(s).


    Nature's Whim (x1)
    Remove any cards from under your Summoner and shuffle them into your draw pile. Then place this card under your Summoner. As long as this card is under your Summoner, it gains the following ability:
    Wild Growth
    Instead of attacking with your Summoner, roll a die. You may pay magic equal to the number rolled to remove one wound from your Summoner.

    Abhorrence of Stone (x1)
    Remove any cards from under your Summoner and shuffle them into your draw pile. Then place this card under your Summoner. As long as this card is under your Summoner, it gains the following ability:
    Wood over Rock
    Instead of attacking with your Summoner, you may pay magic equal to the number of walls you control. If you do, remove one wound from your Summoner, then place one wound on each wall you control.

    Recuperative Rest (x1)
    Remove any cards from under your Summoner and shuffle them into your draw pile. Then place this card under your Summoner. As long as this card is under your Summoner, it gains the following ability:
    Growth in Stillness
    At the beginning of your turn, before your draw phase, you may choose to skip your entire turn. If you do so, remove one wound from your Summoner.

    Note to the reader: It should not be possible ever to have more than one ability card beneath The Guardian Tree. The wording "remove any cards" and "shuffle them" is plural just in case of any interactions from other decks that might place a card under the Summoner.

    Blossoms of Tranquility (x2)
    Until the start of your next turn, any Unit adjacent to one or more Peace Trees you control cannot attack.

    Fruit of Deceit (x2)
    Choose a Peace Tree that you control. Until the end of your turn, take control of all enemy Commons and Champions adjacent to that Peace Tree.

    Surprising Translocation (x2)
    Choose an enemy Common or Champion adjacent to one or more Peace Trees you control. Place the chosen Unit adjacent to any Peace Tree you control.


    Peace Tree
    0 attack, 3 life, sword symbol for 1 magic
    This Peace Tree cannot move. When summoning a Peace Tree, instead of placing it adjacent to a wall you control, you may place it adjacent to an Arborist you control.

    The Jungle Benders plant Peace Trees everywhere they go, but in spite of their name, they serve a purpose more nefarious.

    1 attack, 1 life, bow symbol for 1 magic
    Instead of attacking with this Arborist, you may remove one wound marker from each Peace Tree adjacent to this Arborist.

    Primarily made up of exiled Benders who have come to love nature, the Arborists are closely in tune with the Peace Trees they tend. Their capable magic can restore bark, branches, and leaves, making whole that which was nearly dead.

    2 attack, 2 life, sword symbol for 2 magic
    Any Units you control with the bow symbol adjacent to one or more Giraffes you control may attack cards that are up to 4 clear straight line spaces away.

    The tallest creature of the forests of the Great Bosk is the Giraffe. Blessed with long necks and tall legs, these animals can see much further than those whose eyes are near to the soil. Under the control of a Summoner, the Giraffe can alert other beings to the approach of a distant enemy.


    2 attack, 4 life, bow symbol for 4 magic
    Cry of Anguish
    Whenever Arteeva receives one or more wound markers, the current player's turn immediately ends.

    Born of the first generation of mixed Jungle Elf and Bender parentage, Arteeva was trained in the Jungle Elf tradition of hunting and marksmanship. But when she is wounded in battle, her Bender heritage involuntarily manifests itself in shrill, piercing cries that disturb the minds of all who hear them.

    3 attack, 4 life, sword symbol for 5 magic
    Blood for Sap
    Whenever a unit destroyed by Semsarra would be placed in your magic pile, you may choose to place it in your discard pile instead. If you do, remove one wound marker from your Summoner.

    Semsarra is one of the oldest Jungle Elves in the Jungle Bender faction. His wise warnings against establishing the Guardian Tree went unheeded, but the Guardian Tree has taken his resistance personally. Fully encompassing the warrior elf's mind, it sends him flying into the fray, heedless for his own safety. His faithful black panther companion, Gurthwa, senses that Semsarra's mind is not his own, but nevertheless accompanies him on every excursion, teeth and claws rending flesh in a frightening melee of blood and blade.

    The Grovekeeper
    2 attack, 5 life, bow symbol for 6 magic
    Animate Boughs
    If the Grovekeeper is adjacent to one or more Peace Trees you control, add 2 to the attack value of every Peace Tree to which he is adjacent, and you cannot play events.

    His real name has been long forgotten, and his origin is shrouded in doubt and mystery. What is known is that the Grovekeeper has so deeply melded with the trees that he can even induce them to move, their large branches smashing into those who would do them harm. His power is so strong it interferes with the Guardian Tree's own magical abilities, much to the frustration of the Summoner.

    5/23/16: Surprising Translocation now places the Unit adjacent to another Peace Tree instead of anywhere on the board.
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    This is a very interesting deck. The only issue I have with it is that it has no incentive whatsoever to attack. You just wall in the Summoner Tree as best you can and wait until you draw one of the healing Events, and build magic like crazy. Would certainly be interesting, though. It might actually want Owl Familiars.
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    Yep, the goal was to make the ultimate "come and get me" deck, one against which even Tundle would have to do something. Of course keep in mind that like all my Alliances this is just a brainstorm, a first draft. If ever I wanted to make them for real the numbers would need to be adjusted for balance after lots of playtesting. In this case the amount of magic required to heal the tree would be raised or lowered to make it a fair contest. But if anybody ended up losing because they didn't immediately summon a bunch of stuff to rush over to attack the Guardian Tree, I'd say they deserve to lose.

    I should probably put the starting setups on there, too. In this case it makes a big difference whether the Guardian Tree is on the 2nd or the 3rd rank.

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